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hello, i take a part for volunteering as a Community Services Officer at RFGN. Just hit me up if you need anything. You can talk as much as you want or we just make a simple joke to release our emmotion. I can be super fun and weird but good haha.. im proudly call my self as transmale and i’m bixesual. I love music,movie and nature,if you need someone who have unlimited curiosity thats me. im here to learn,shre and help people, as long as i can help i will do it also you can add me and lets be friend because we can talk about a lot of thing. Ciao!

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    1. Brandon Weilancher Brandon Weilancher on September 12, 2020 at 12:39 am

      I’m interested in you, and I want to chat with you to know you more, add me on Hangout at brandonweilancher@yahoo.com


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