Discrimination against the LGBTI community is a hot debate globally. Despite that, a crucial issue that is often overseen is the trauma that LGBTI children face.

According to a recent survey by Fundamental Rights Agency on the Rainbow Fellows in Europe, almost 60% of LGBTI children hide their sexuality.

The problem is not limited to LGBTI children only. The more severe problem is the discrimination faced by the children who are parented by Rainbow Fellows.


Discrimination against LGBTI Children:


LGBTI children feel from an early age that they are different from most children.


Discovering Sexuality:

Children are naïve and vulnerable, regardless of their sexuality, especially around the age when they discover sexuality in general and their sexuality in particular.

At this time, children need love, support and guidance. Sex education is bearing fruits and seems to be working for children in general, but LGBTI children are still suffering from discrimination.


Domestic Discrimination:

Discrimination against LGBTI often starts at home when the children are not accepted for who they are or are told that there is something wrong with them. Children begin to question themselves and start denying their reality to cope up with parental pressure.

As a result, they often fail to come to terms with their sexuality, even at a mature age because they were told otherwise.


Discrimination at Schools:

Discrimination against LGBTI becomes more harsh and brutal in school. School fellows are immature and often curious.

Majority abusing minority is not a new concept. Straight children, being in the majority, tend to bully their rainbow fellows. The bully often turns into abuse soon, and the victim is left traumatized for the rest of their lives.


Societal Discrimination:

Society is nothing but a place where there are many homes and many schools. Though dynamics are getting better but still, society presents no better picture than homes and schools.

LGBTI children are often isolated in societies when they are already going through enough. The result is a lack of confidence and self-doubt, leading to poor performance.


Discrimination against LGBTI Adopted Children:


Problems faced by LGBTI Parents:

LGBTI parents are still struggling to achieve the legal status of being parents.

Right of legal marriages is still denied to the rainbow fellows, which further amplifies to them not being able to obtain children’s legal custody.

Even if they do, one of the parents is not recognized as the other parent’s legal partner. As a result, in the case of one’s death, the other does not get their child’s custody.

Similarly, the legal issues expand to denial of the rights of inheritance and recognition, leading to homelessness and even statelessness.


Problems Faced by LGBTI Adopted Children:

LGBTI children are often discriminated against in schools for not having parents, mainly because of the gender requirements.

It affects the academic performance of the children and makes them lag in their lives.

Similarly, LGBTI children are often bullied for having “weird” parents, affecting their self-image.


Fundamental Human and Legal Rights for LGBTI:

The human right laws do not discriminate against anybody based on their gender or sexual identity. Despite that, the legal and fundamental human rights are denied to rainbow fellows.

According to the United Nation’s Charter on Children Rights, all the children should be protected from any violence or abuse of any nature, including physical, emotional and mental.

Similarly, the European Charter on Human Rights and the European Union’s Charter of Fundamental Rights have the same stance.

The hour’s need is to give serious and sincere thought to LGBTI parents and their children’s rights. Everybody has parental tendencies and has every right to parent a child.

Moreover, the discrimination against the children who are parented by the rainbow fellows is as essential to eradicate as it is for the LGBTI community.



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