As homosexuals emerged as a community big enough to be recognized as a community, homophobia has also taken a toll.

It appears to be diminishing slowly, but it still has a long way to go.

Homosexuals appeared as “different” beings. It is in human nature to take some time to accept the change. Human beings are naturally designed to fear something they know very little about. The term used for it is “the unchartered territory.”

As human civilization started to spread, they had to explore new territories. They were comfortable and at the best of their confidence while being in the territory they were born. But going to new territories made them anxious as they did not know what to expect.

Imagine going to a new area. You would probably have a little to no image in your mind about it, and you would be a little reluctant. Imagine if your first encounter in the area is with something that is a surprise to your expectations. You will probably get uncomfortable and will be repelled.

Now imagine homosexuality as an unchartered territory, an area, not most people have had exposure to. And as discussed earlier, people are naturally designed to repel something “different and unusual.”

Homophobia is a bad thing and must be neutralized. Everybody is free to make their choice, and everybody’s choice must be respected.

But homosexuals might also have unknowingly contributed to homophobia. It might be because most people would have gotten indecently exposed to homosexuality. It is natural for most people to feel uncomfortable if they find out about homosexuality by finding out a gay couple having sex in a public toilet or a public shower at a gym.

Having sex in public places is also a crime in many states, which further pushes a person to think that what they are seeing is something wrong and should be condemned.

Similarly, gay porn sites have also had their contribution to spreading homophobia.

First of all, putting the whole process on display might be a little extra, at least until it has wide acceptance. Gay porn might as well be okay, but extreme acts like rimming and fisting might put even straight people off of sex if showed in straight porn.

Secondly, gay porn on the internet also exposes children to wrong conceptions. If a kid gets exposed to stuff that he might naturally be designed to repel at such an early and fragile age, what kind of an adult can we expect him to become? The odds are high that he will be homophobic because he got exposed to the concept in the wrong way.

Anal sex in homosexuals is also responsible for spreading diseases like STIs and STDs. Since an anus is not designed for penetration, it has a higher risk of leading to STDs and STIs.

Gay marriages are also less likely, and having multiple partners is common. Such practices increase the risks of spreading diseases and hence of homophobia.

The goal is to bring the world to accepting homosexuality, and one should be careful about what to put on display for the world to buy. We should make it easier for the world to accept homosexuals, and we should start it by making some changes to our lifestyles.

The solution to public sex might be putting CCTV cameras in the restrooms to ensure police surveillance and stop some homosexuals from using the public toilets for public sex.

Similarly, there should be strict restrictions, parental control, and regulation of gay porn to avoid indecent exposures.

For STDs and STIs, a healthy and safe lifestyle should be encouraged, including wearing condoms or preferably becoming a side rather than a bottom or a top.


    1. Perry Ramen Perry Ramen on December 22, 2020 at 1:02 pm

      This article seemed to be a well-researched one and was an informative piece to read. It presents a very interesting take on human nature and presents hard to digest concepts smoothly.

      Though I am not sure, the background drawn regarding human nature seems logical and makes perfect sense. It portrays a plausible picture of the human mind’s design and working and lays a sound basis for the arguments to come next.

      The article has lured me into believing that the LGBT community might be unknowingly playing a part in spreading homophobia.

      Understandably, gay sex in public places, that are also used by straight people and children, can be a put off for anyone. It might also disgust the LGBT community to see straight people having sex in public.

      Besides that, it might not be a very good idea to go ahead with it if it is a crime.

      As far as porn is concerned, be it straight or gay, it scars the children. If it is likely for naïve kids to get disgusted with their parents after finding out about their sexual relations, it is obvious that it will put them off the gay people if they see acts such as rimming or fisting. It might also not be the best way to find out about adult stuff.

      For the risks of STIs and STDs, though straight couples are into anal sex as much as gay people are, the transmission risk is high, and a healthy lifestyle should be promoted for everyone.

      Besides that, many gays avoid anal sex both for their health and for their personal preferences. They rather choose to be a side and perform all other sorts of intimate acts to satisfy themselves.

    2. shabnaz shabnaz on December 22, 2020 at 4:36 pm

      Very well articulated and well-researched article. The members of the LGBTQ+ community have struggled for decades for the recognition of their fundamental human rights. The struggle is finally bearing fruits and resulted in some positive developments including the recognition of some of the most significant legal rights. However, it will take time for society to fully accept the LGBTQ+ community. Therefore, it is our responsibility to facilitate the process and make a positive contribution to eliminate homophobia by our actions.

    3. Amir Malik Amir Malik on December 30, 2020 at 7:45 pm

      Very educating article! No doubt, the porn and public sex has played vital role in painting a bad image of lgbt community! This needs to changed so that homophobia can be put in past!

    4. DrKR Dhar DrKR Dhar on January 2, 2021 at 3:00 pm

      The story make me think on the following points.

      1. Everyone has freedom to choose his own life.
      2. Information & facts must be with each of us before choosing the right or wrong.
      3. Freedom must be limited till it does not harm any other in physical or psychological.
      4. Human are social being and so many norms and positive ritual to carry forward the best behave.
      5. The word crime has come to protect mass citizen from the behave of very few, by the name of freedom.
      6. Spirituality always make us remember that we should and must to be the nearest of nature in practice.
      7. To keep our children safe is the duty & obligation of all adults, immaturity etc not use as an excuse.

      If we some up the above points we easily reach to the points as below:

      Whether my orientation put me in the bracket of minority or majority, i do not have the right to do some acts by the name of freedom, to pollute the society.

      People do marriage worldwide and everyone knows that biological need all we are driven by and all we do the same act to release & relax us, may be the process as per the couple’s mutual understanding and how they agree for the same.

      And every culture we have to maintain some discipline to protect our own honor & self respect.

      Even for entertainment and celebration using loudspeaker with in the jurisdiction of local sound regulatory body.

      So my personal view is: We must need to act & behave decently.

      Society accept LGBT does not mean the open freedom of public sex, for heterosexual also its not allowed.

      So up to a limit of love expression is okay but open sex of both homo & hetero sex is against morality and will not only damage the social norm but also put us in homophobia, which may obstruct our legitimate united effort of equality on point of sexual orientation.


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