Homosexuality is not a choice. Like all humans we have the rights to be ourselves as long as no one is being hurt.


As a kid, were you told to dress a certain way? Wouldn’t it be annoying if you were still asked to do that after you are an adult? Many argue that clothing and makeup is a way of self-expression and making a statement about yourselves. However, for the LGBT community, their entire personality and sexual orientations are questioned and deemed “wrong” and “unnatural”.



According to the UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights), everyone has the right to freedom of expression and choice. It wouldn’t be wrong to presume that this also includes LGBT people but looking at the way homosexuality is treated today, it seems like that is certainly not the case.


Homosexuality is negatively treated in many ways such as a disease, mental illness and the new “trend”. However, time and time again, LGBT activists have tried to make the world understand that homosexuality is not a choice. The unfortunate failure on the society’s part to understand this means that many people won’t ever have the right to live their true selves. It goes against their basic human right to express themselves and to be able to choose their way of life. Every human has the right to be themselves.



From peer pressure in school to maintaining an image at work, many gay individuals are never able to live their own life. If no one is being hurt, how can it affect us? This question is something much anti-LGBT refuse to answer.


We have seen many protests against gay marriages, but the same question remains: how does it affect society if two men or two women decide to marry each other? In no way does the marriage affect anyone’s daily lives except for the married couple. This pressure to fit into a certain mould is what holds back many closeted people to stay in the closet. The expectation of fitting into society’s heteronormative structure is what gravely hinders a gay individual’s life.



Under any law, a human is allowed to exercise their will, to be free and to be safe. But in today’s world, if you identify as anything but straight, all of these rights are violated. It sometimes feels as if homosexuality means you aren’t human anymore. Most LGBT people’s lives have been regularly threatened, and their wellbeing has been put on risk.


Human rights also include the right equality, freedom from discrimination, freedom from degrading treatment and the right to privacy. But take a look at any anti-LGBT incident, and all of these have been violated as well. It is one of the top reasons that gay people have been known to have depression which leads to suicidal thoughts as well. All of this makes us question why the right to be ourselves doesn’t apply to the LGBT community?



As we go into adulthood, we no longer follow or listen to what our parents have to say. We turn into self-aware, independent adults who can make their own decisions and maintain their relationships on their terms.


For those who openly identify as gay or closeted individuals, they don’t experience that even after turning into adults. Every step in life comes with its step of hurdles with the added hate and preconceptions from society as well. It affects everything from family to friends and even marriage.


Homosexuality isn’t a threat to anyone. It is about an individual’s sexual orientation and the right to be themselves. Like every human being, every person that belongs to the LGBT community should be able to live their lives freely and have the right to be their actual and true self.


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