It can be said that loyalty is very important to the success and stability of any lasting relationship.


At Rainbow Fellowship, we believe that same-sex relationships are treated in the same way as heterosexual ones. Although some rules are changed in the former, one thing remains; loyalty. Loyalty is important in every relationship for it to be strong headed and stable. Gay dating can be confusing to many since homophobia and societal prohibitions do not allow openly gay meetings and limit LGBT information.


What is Loyalty?

At RFGN, we think that being authentic to your partner from the beginning provides a sturdy foundation for those who wish to keep the relationship long term. Loyalty does not mean only to the person but also to the relationship. Meaning, you need to acknowledge you are fully committed to your partner and understand that you are a pair. That does not mean you have to comply with their every need and wish. It is the maturity to know that relationships are not meant to be perfect; they all have their ups and downs. The loyal factor is how you deal with the situation. Do you end things once the relationship moves out of the honeymoon phase, or do you sit down and communicate?



The foundation for staying loyal is communication. Many LGBT relationships fail to communicate their needs thinking it is obvious enough, and their partner should be able to comprehend and come up with an answer themselves. The failure brings forth a conflict and unfiltered aggression, which taints the relationship if it is not solved properly.

At RFGN, we advise individuals to form boundaries with their partners. Boundaries allow you to be yourself and make you rationally think about decisions and form a healthy bond. It creates realistic expectations, and through that, it becomes easier for the partner to remain loyal. Healthy boundaries also don’t let resentment build up so the relationship can remain strong.



There are more relationships other than your sexual or romantic partner. The relationship you have with your family as well as your friend’s matter. Rainbow Fellowship recommends being authentic in everything you do. Gay dating can be stressful, depending on your self-esteem, but your friends and family’s support allows you to take up opportunities. If you are heterosexual and an ally, having the right LGBT information is important to stay loyal and support your LGBT friends.


How to know when to avoid relationships?

Many times, relationships can become toxic if there is too much pressure or gaslighting. Hence, Rainbow Fellowship suggests that you must be mature and smart when to know if things are working out and when they are not. Some of the obvious signs are thinking about someone else romantically or sexually or perhaps are more intimately close to them. You will shut down the intimacy with this friend once your partner shows up as if you know you must do it discreetly even though it may be unintentional.

Moreover, if the boundaries are not set right, they can be harmful. Those include letting your partner direct your life or when they expect you to fill their needs immediately. Unhealthy boundaries are unrealistic and toxic because they hint at threats if the person does not comply.

Knowing when to stay in a relationship is important. RFGN believes in healthy relationships between LGBT members and wants to keep the community safe and not sugarcoat relationships. But, if you believe the relationship is going in the right direction, staying loyal and truthful to your partner may lead you to a prosperous relationship.

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Being secure in a relationship brings forth a happier you, and the more authentic the bond is, the more comfortable you will be with your life partner.


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