Homosexuality is not a choice. Like all humans we have the Rights to Love, Respect & Happiness. At the end of the day love is essential to human happiness be it friendship, romance, encouragements or support. Life is about giving and receiving love in any aspect.


Can you imagine a life without friends, family and your loved ones? Would you be happy, or would you always feel like something is missing? Love and relationships are truly essential for our growth and well-being.


Unfortunately, the LGBT community is denied this very right. They have to face homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, prejudice, discrimination, hatred, and so much more.


Human Nature

To say it is human nature to love and be loved isn’t wrong. We are all social animals that live every day for people we care for and love. It is our nature to crave love and find ourselves in relationships where we feel love for others as well.


Sadly, for those that choose to stay ignorant, they assume that homosexuality is a choice. LGBT people are denied the basic right to love as openly and freely as heterosexual individuals. However, homosexuality is not a choice; each human being deserves to be respected and treated equally.



Ever since we are born, we have been taught to live, dress, behave and conduct ourselves a certain way. Most of these ways have been set by society and follow certain rules that were set a long time ago.


The lives of the LGBT community are filled throughout with self-doubt, prejudice, judgment and hatred. Growing up, many gay individuals remain confused and consider themselves “wrong” for being attracted to individuals of the same sex. From their journey as a child to adulthood, it is a constant battle between their true self and what they have been told is right. Many trans-identifying individuals decide to reveal their gender until after the age of 50 or more, expressing that they have never felt happy all their lives. It is unfair that LGBT people may never be able to feel happiness and love, which is a feeling every human deserves to feel.


Meaningful Relationships

We all crave relationships and bonds in our life, but the ones that mean something to us are the most special. Every person should have the right to have special relationships in their lives. It is what keeps us going and gives us the motivation to wake up every morning.


Can you imagine never being able to meet the love of your life? Or constantly worrying about who you find attractive? It may be a depressing and stressful thought; this is what most gay people deal with daily. The prejudice in society against homosexuality affects friendships, families and relationships. Many, if not all, individuals have faced isolation, abandonment and rejection from their loved ones due to their sexual orientation.


It truly is sad how the LGBT community is treated even today. Many countries still refuse to accept the existence of same-sex couples and don’t legally allow gay marriage in their country. It means never being able to live an equal and respected life truly. But isn’t that a basic human right? To have the ability to exercise free will and spend your life with whomever you wish?


It is important to emphasize that the LGBT community have every right to make meaningful relationships and marry their special someone. Till this day, only 29 countries allow gay marriage which means the rest of the world is still forced to remain closeted and never live a happy life. It certainly doesn’t mean that the countries where gay marriage is legal, don’t have homophobia and hatred present.


Every human deserves the right to love, be treated with respect and be able to be truly happy. All of this is essential for a human to grow, live and experience the true beauty of life.


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    1. Amir Malik Amir Malik on December 30, 2020 at 7:22 pm

      Great article! It is indeed their right to choose their loved one. Nobody chose to be gay or straight then why the discriminations!


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