LGBT has always been a hot topic which we often try to avoid. Well, regardless of all the controversies, within the last two decades, people have started accepting Gays, Lesbians, and Transgenders. However, this acceptance has always been partial; most of the society still hasn’t given a favourable reception to the LGBT community.

The thing is that we have always been blindfolded by the stereotypical beliefs regarding gender, sex, and most importantly, sexuality. Gone are the days when people would wander around wondering, and questioning their sexualities. Now’s the time, when we have finally, started normalizing the possibility of the contradiction or difference in sexual orientation, sexual identity, gender behaviour, and expression of a person as compared to his/her assigned sex. Yes, we are now starting to take into account the fact that regardless of the assigned sex (whether it’s a male or female), the sexual orientation of a person can be divergent. 

On the other hand, those who are yet to identify their sexualities or those who have other sexual identities such as pan-sexuality, they also have never been accepted as a part of this society. Whereas, those who are trans people, they have always been considered as a part of society but as a minority. People have always been violating their rights and bullying them. Anyhow, just like the world is changing for the gay, lesbian, and queer community, it’s would also be soon welcoming transgenders as an integral part of society.

However, as I have stated above, LGBT has always been under the impression of controversy, this wrangling is pushing the LGBT people to the verge of cutting them off from society. Unfortunately, LGBT people are at increased risk of suicide. Have you ever given a thought to it; isn’t there something off about the fact that those who are homosexual, queer, multisexual, or even transgenders end up spoiling their lives on the streets or often dead! Is that their fault the way they are; how, and whom they have chosen to live with? Or there’s something wrong about this society that has been constantly discouraging them by putting a label of “questionable life choices” on their lifestyle.

This is the time when we have to move forward to developing an LGBT-friendly society where no one would be entrapped in a lifestyle imposed in the name of the stereotypical beliefs, norms, and ethical values of a society. See, the thing is that ” no matter how much the mindset of people has changed or been changing with the passage of time, still, the LGBT community hasn’t been accepted wholeheartedly; they are either being criticized by their own families for having namesake questionable life choices or I shall say, this is the society that pushes them on the verge to question their choices. It sickens them, and such mental trauma can result in suicides” 

Let me put it this way that they have been targets of domestic violence and are forced to go to conversion camps where they are expected to get conversion therapies. Such therapies use psychological, physical, or spiritual interventions to help or I say manipulatively force the LGBT people to convert their sexual orientation to heterosexuality. Verily, this is nothing but a coerced act that leads this community to suffer depression, anxiety, and other life-wrecking mental health issues. For sure, with such mental traumas having none by their side to support them, the LGBT community left with no choice but to put an end to their lives. 

Moreover, not to mention that they’re not treated equally as other civilians such as transgender women have to use men’s toilets. I can’t help thinking that how miserable we people make their lives. 

Furthermore, I would like to throw light on another fact, or you shall say an issue: Solely, an LGBT-friendly society isn’t what we are supposed to develop but also a healthy LGBT community is what we need to ensue. As I mentioned above, when it comes to their rights, not only people try to bully them but also violate their rights including verbal, and physical abuse which in turn, leads them to suffer mental trauma. Whereas, unfortunately, according to WHO, not only they are abused, tortured, and assaulted but also be hindered from accessing health care services. Altogether, these issues are the living proof that we are still unable to provide the LGBT community with a haven of refuge; therefore, the LGBT people are at increased risk of suicide, worldwide. 

Well, on the bright side, as a part of moving forward to developing an LGBT-friendly society, the entertainment industry has finally started creating such content that explicitly promotes, and is in favour of the LGBT community. Indeed, such films and series would really help people apprehend the need for change, and accept homosexuals, bisexuals, multisexuals, transgenders, and even those who are yet to identify their sexual identities as an integral part of society. They can not be separated from society; neither no one has the right to question them nor they should consider themselves bound to answers such bullshiting calls of the society. 

Not only the society needs to be enlightened but the LGBT community itself needs to realize that they are as worthy as other human beings. They have to make themselves, strong and determined enough to make this world a better place for them. Moreover, what they need to do is that they should seek proper health care services to get rid of the mental health issues which they have been forced to suffer. Indeed, everyone deserves to live a peaceful life regardless of sex, and gender stereotypes. Hope and wish to see an LGBT friendly society as soon as possible!


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