“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” – Walter Winchell


Friendships do not fit into any conventional definition. It is a relationship that can’t be described with just words.

Friends are those individuals who make you feel good about yourself, and they laugh together with you at the most embarrassing moments of your life to make you feel lighter. Friends are the kind of people who will always  be there for you in your good times and during your bad times, especially when you need them the most.

When others turn their back at you, your friends will be there right by your side. The friendship benefits in our life are beyond any description.

The primary foundation of every relationship has a good friendship. Whether it is a relationship with your better half, children, coworker, or neighbor, the friendship will form the basis of the relationship. Without any friends, life will be dull and meaningless.

Below we have mentioned some of the reasons why friendship is so important.


Friendships Make It Easy To Socialize

The individuals we bring into our lives as friends help us learn how to forgive, laugh, and create conversation. The fundamental aspects of any relationship, from coworkers to lovers, are all present in a beautiful genuine friendship. We learn how to socialize with other individuals because of our friends, even with the people that have the opposite nature from ours or those who share different views.


Friendships Keep Us Strong Physically & Mentally

One of the most overlooked friendship benefits is that it helps keep our bodies and minds healthy. Friendships are as essential to our physical health as eating healthy and staying fit. A recent study conducted at Harvard University concluded that having a solid friendship in our life helps us promote our brain’s health. Friendships also help us handle stress well, make better choices that can keep us strong. Friendships allow us to recover from health-related issues as well as disease quickly and easily. Friendships are also crucial for our mental health. One study even recommended spending your time with positive friends that can change your outlook for the better.


Friendships Help Us Out In Lonely Times

Friends may not wholly cure loneliness; however, great friendships help us out during lonely times. Friendships teach us how to accept kindness and reach out to others when we need help.  When we are without any friends, we also help us learn to appreciate the friendships that come in and out of our lives from time to time. At Rainbow Fellow Global Network (RFGN), we understand how isolating and lonely it can get for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgender when dealing with an illness or recovering from surgery with any friends in the LGBT community. Good friendships help us overcome this. Some of the best friendships made at Rainbow Fellow Global Network (RFGN) are all about LGBT support and providing help to fellow LGBT individuals who need any assistance or friend.


Friendships Enhance the Quality of Our Lives

This is another one out of the many friendship benefits. By spending time with friends, our lives tend to fill up with great times and conversations. Good friends offer heartfelt caring as well as support. Friendships help you with hard times. Friends help put things in perspective.

At RFGN, we ask all of you to give your closest friends a big hug today and thank them for bringing definition to your life. We know for sure that we will be doing this at RFGN along with the members of our LGBT community today and always.

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