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There should be no need to specify LGBT+ rights if we were respecting human rights.


LGBT+ information

We live in interesting times – on one hand, the famous gay, Queer Rights Activist and probably the most popular Drag Queen of the World – RuPaul Charles makes its way into the Guinness Book of Records. Moreover, he achieves it because of the number of Grammy awards and nominations for a program about Drag Queens, that has been running for more than 10 years, under the cover of a funny caricature of a program about models, shows LGBT society in a completely new light – showing that they, like every other person, have their feelings, dreams, desires and are just like any other people in the world.

On the other hand, the world still has many countries that not only discriminate against sexual minorities, make their life illegal, but even condemn them to death for simply wanting to be loved. Those people still, in the XXI century, are forced to choose between hiding their true self or punishment, public humiliation or worse.


When your love makes you a criminalist

Situation in Africa

In Africa, the subject of homosexuality is still very controversial, often a taboo subject, due to the prevailing culture of patriarchy. Such a conservative pattern can be seen in so many other places. For this reason, homophobia, which has been introduced from a very young age, has led to the fact that in most African countries – 38 out of 51 – same-sex relations are illegal, prohibited by law and punished. Even with the death penalty. This most severe punishment is in Mauritania, Sudan, Somalia and Northern Nigeria.

Homosexual, transgender and other sexual minorities live in fear of their own lives, and in fear of the punishment, often because of the need to be their own person, fleeing their home, their country and seeking refuge in more open and tolerant countries. It is said that the main source of homophobia in Africa was colonialism – and discrimination was brought here and is not indigenous. 

Situation in the Middle East

The situation is unfortunately similar in the Middle East. Here, out of 18 countries in the region, 10 recognize same-sex relationships as illegal, even in extreme cases punishable by death.

Traditionalist, highly religious and conservative environments are cited as the main reason for this.

Interestingly, both in Africa and the Middle East, several countries, including Ghana, Sierra Leone, Seychelles, Palestine (Gaza Strip) and Kuwait impose same-sex activities are illegal among men, but remain legal among women.

LGBT support worldwide

Of course, this does not mean that the LGBT community in Africa or the Middle East does not exist. Although sexual minorities in many cases cannot lead normal, everyday life because of discrimination and repercussions, they can count on mutual support. We all care about the same thing, regardless of gender, religion, color, or sexuality, we simply want to be accepted in society, after all we do not harm or force anyone with our own beliefs.

Although often facing legal difficulties, there are websites that allow representatives of the LGBT community to find support, a sense of value and their own identity even in the most conservative places, mostly known in their own, safe circles. We can also find more known and popular websites such as OUT n South Africa or the more global OutRight, Human Dignity Trust, GlobalGayz and others.

Find me an LGBT+ date

Nonheteronormative people are much more vulnerable to loneliness and social rejection. Despite how hurtful it is, often they are rejected even by their own families. The needs of belonging, love, and support, common to all of us, regardless of sexuality, make LGBT people create their own communities, forums, gay meeting sites, clubs, and bars, simply places where they can, or at least should be able to, feel at ease, safe, and belong. Places like gay bars and clubs are the best platform for finding your second half, partner, or a friend. There are also many dating apps to make gay dating easier. One of the most popular nowadays is Grindr – a popular location-based dating application for the LGBT community. Similar applications are also Scruff, Chappy or Adam4Adam. Although in several countries, such as Pakistan, these applications are blocked because of their location restrictions, you can find more than one page on the Internet with information on how to get around such a block.

After all – we are all human

It is worth remembering that in a society that respects human rights, there should be no concerns about LGBT+ community rights. Regardless of the outfit, the amount of makeup, or who we like to sleep with, we all breathe, have dreams, hopes, and the need for love and acceptance. Let’s not forget about it and support one another.







    1. Christiana Christiana on December 19, 2020 at 10:21 pm

      This is a very nice and educative post. Thanks very much Perry for your hard work.

      • Perry Ramen Perry Ramen on December 20, 2020 at 8:01 am

        Thanks for your encouragements and support Christiana. I send you lots of love 🙂

    2. Amir Malik Amir Malik on December 30, 2020 at 7:37 pm

      Great article! Very insightful! Best wishes to Rainbow Fellowship for their mission!


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