In many cultures, being anything other than heterosexual is looked down on because it goes against their morals. The traditionalist approach to life has narrowed down their vision, and they are unable to accept people who are different. That is the same case for identities other than sexuality, such as race or ethnicity. Rainbow Fellowship believes in the acceptance of all people and wishes to end homophobia, a creation that has allowed people to abuse and harm others. They continue to do so because the older generation brainwashes them, and limited education sources have fueled their hatred. Rainbow Fellowship aims to provide a network for the LGBT+ community to interact and gain support and love for their identity. They can socialize online and deepen their bond with individuals.


Where does it begin?

Homophobia stems from repulse against same-sex interaction. William James, an American psychologist, claimed that this repulsion is inborn and tolerance is learned. In psychology, educated men such as Sigmund Freud have researched that the disgust the heterosexual man has of homosexuality is because of their own repulsed attraction of people to the same sex. These feelings are subjugated because of societal prohibitions in their life. They are expected to conform to their roles; men must be masculine and strong, women need to be feminine and fragile, and then some cases of androgyny are accepted as well. At RFGN, we believe that labels must not bind these sex roles.


Why support matters?

In a world where there are so much hatred and oppression, being an ally and supporting organizations like RFGN allows the platform to be more approachable and genuine. At Rainbow Fellowship, we think that all sexualities are valid and heterosexual people must be our allies for the world to progress.

Moreover, without support, there is a lot of education set aside because of homophobia. RFGN advises that more schools and institutions be more inclusive in their sex education. It is important because young people who are figuring out their sexualities must find a safe approach not to harm themselves. Since that is not widespread, RFGN advises individuals to be thorough and safe. They are allowed to ask questions they have trouble asking, and a companion’s presence can make things less stressful.

Moreover, we allow a safe space for individuals who are afraid to come out to their friends and family to seek solitude in the community we give. Having a friend to be by your side who understands you and your thoughts is a very comforting feeling. Also, we allow a safe dating site for those who want to be in a relationship and need a safe outlet.

Research shows how gay youth have a particular need for social support, but unfortunately, there are few outlets, and there is little known about gay dating. At the Rainbow Fellowship, we aid you with advice and complete support to help you on your journey.


Representation and why it matters

It is not until recently that there has been LGBT representation in media and film. Having a multitude of identities allows the viewer to see themselves in character and gives them comfort, watching their acceptance in the televised show. The representation also teaches the gay youth more insight about the community and, if done right, shows the world how by the end of the day, LGBT people are just people who want to be accepted, and at the Rainbow Fellowship, we supply that. Representation allows minorities to feel validated and enables them to display their opinions comfortably. This builds a team atmosphere where ideas are diverse, perspectives are different, and everyone holds validation. Here are some ways we can all do more: Be confident and brave – If you think prejudice is taking place, speak up.



    1. shabnaz shabnaz on December 29, 2020 at 4:17 am

      In order to address the challenges of Homophobia and transphobia, its important to understand the causes of it, so thank you for explaining the different causes of it.Indeed support system is very essential for every individual and the efforts of RFGN in this regard are commendable.

    2. shabnaz shabnaz on December 29, 2020 at 4:20 am

      It’s high time to break the gender-based stereotypes created by society and to provide freedom to every individual to express themselves.

    3. Amir Malik Amir Malik on December 30, 2020 at 7:39 pm

      Homophobia does need to be ended. Thank you for explaining how much important our support is, in remove this discrimination towards lgbt community!


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