“Its better to die fighting for freedom than be a prisoner all the days of your life” ~ Bob Marley


Freedom of Choice

Love is not a choice, and neither is homosexuality. All humans have free will, and they have the right to love, respect, and happiness. To thrive and be happy, it is essential to have love and be loved in return. It is essential to human happiness, be it friendship, romance, encouragements, or support. Life is about giving and receiving love in any form or person.

Unfortunately, the LGBT community is denied this very right. The community has to face homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, prejudice, discrimination, hatred, and dislike for their very being.


The Inability to Freely Love

The sadness of this reality is huge. As human beings, it is in our nature to care for people and require love in return. And a lot of that love is sought out in relationships. But for the LGBT, the possibility of this love is denied by many. Ignorance plays a huge role in this outcome. Prejudice is just ignorance. Sometimes it can just stem from hatred.


Love Compared to the Heteronormative

The LGBT community is denied the basic right to love as openly and freely as compared to the cisgender and heterosexual part of society. However, homosexuality and gender identity can vary from person to person, and it is a completely natural phenomenon. For this reason, each human being deserves to be respected and treated equally regardless of what gender and sexuality they identify with.

Our society has sets and rules from a long time ago. Expectations for a man and woman together, married, and have children have long been the basic norm. People are expected to live, dress, and behave a certain way that corresponds with conservative elders’ teachings.

Many gay individuals remain confused and consider it unnatural to be attracted to individuals of the same sex growing up.


Steps for More Freedom

It’s a good progression that LGBT people and their supporters are educating themselves on these matters. They are more knowledgeable about the hurdles society faces and how to deal with them. Knowledge leads to empathy, as well. As people understand these struggles better, and it leads to an increase in mutual respect.

There are many countries that not only discriminate against sexual minorities, make their life illegal, but even condemn them to death for simply wanting to be loved. Their love makes them punishable by death. And this does not imply that the LGBT community does not exist in these regions. They exist but do not live their truth in fear of discrimination and repercussions. Freedom is a foreign conveyance for them. We hope that Rainbow Fellowship Foundation manages to help these people know that they are accepted regardless of gender, religion, color, or sexuality.


Freedom at RFGN

At Rainbow Fellowship Foundation, you can find representatives of the LGBT community supporting you and your values.

Nonheteronormative people are much more vulnerable to loneliness and social rejection. Despite how harmful it is, often they are rejected even by their own families. The needs of belonging, love, and support, common to all of us, despite sexuality, make LGBT people form their communities, forums, gay connection sites, bars, and nightclubs, simply places where they can, or at least should be able to, feel at ease, safe, and happy. Sites like gay bars and clubs offer the best platforms for finding your second half, partner, or friend. There are also many gay dating apps to proceed with easier dating.

Freedom that is sought after in these apps and certain locations should be widespread to all places. An individual should feel safe enough to live his life as he wishes, freely and without judgment.


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    1. shabnaz shabnaz on December 27, 2020 at 7:28 am

      Heterosexual relationships have been the norm of society for thousands of years and anything outside the norms set by society is considered unnatural. But the reality is very different from it. Homosexuality is as natural as heterosexuality, and we have to change our social norms to normalize homosexuality.The efforts of RFGN for the normalization of homosexuality are commendable.


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