1. Klaus on October 1, 2020 at 7:37 am

    Hello rainbowfellowship; i am a ugandan thinking of coming out, trouble is i am a truly ambitious person hoping to one day be a political leader in my nation, the journey there somehow favours heteronormative efforts. A number of times one requires to not just be straight, but also married to stand a chance on any contribution they intend to their state. Every person that has ever been dear to me seems to be in favour with homophobic ideology. How do i make contribution, retain my relatives and friends and be bisexual?

  2. Victor Baraza Victor Baraza on October 1, 2020 at 3:25 pm

    Dear Klaus.
    Thank you very much for posting your concern.
    Let me start by saying that it is normal to wonder about coming out .On the other hand,it might feel like a relief. There are a lot of reasons why people choose to come out ,for example they feel like they are living a lie or not acting true to themselves ,and want to feel accepted for who they really are.There are also plenty of reasons why people decide not to come out ,for example they might be afraid of discrimination,harassment or violence [ or general sudden negative reaction] even by those closest to them. You have raised the issue of wanting to be a political leader in your country ,and you are concerned that by coming out as gay, your society is likely to reject you in your political ambitions on that ground.If so, you might need to reflect on a few things before finally deciding to let people know of your sexualit; for example:
    1. Weigh possibilities: is coming out likely to make your life more difficult in your pursuit of politics?
    2. Would you have a support system ,in case nasty things from whichever sources happen to you as a result of coming out?
    3. You might as well let go of negative expectations ,as the things you fear might happen , could in fact end up not happening.

    Moreover, most people actually come out gradually, especially those living in homophobic environments .They start by telling someone they trust ” beyond reasonable doubt ” as they slowly make their journey to widely making known their sexuality.You may wish to try that route,if you foresee many likely hurdles in the future,should you decide to suddenly and widely make a statement about your sexuality.


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