An open letter to parents of LGBT children


Following a testimony of a young lad, I have decided to write this article to all parents worldwide.


I was on a visit to Australia and was watching tv when a youngster came forward and related how his parents had chased him out of the house when he told them that he was gay.


I was very upset by this confession knowingly that the purpose of my visit to Australia was to support my son who is himself gay.


We are all aware that women conceive and give birth to a child without knowing what that child is likely to be.


Some children are born healthy, some with a mild or heavy handicap, other with different sex orientation. However, this last aspect can only be determined at the age of puberty or adolescence.


Very often parents ignore the sexual orientation of their children until they decide to speak out openly.


I am mother of four sons and one daughter. They were all born healthy and showed no signs of abnormality. They grew up steadily with no physical or mental disability. They attended their school cycle without any significant problem until one day everything came to a standstill for my husband, my family, my relatives and myself. One of my sons confessed that he was gay… something that he must have kept for himself for years. He went through a depression but all the family without any exception was there to support him. We loved him more than ever and never made him feel that he was an outsider. Seeing that he was treated with so much love and affection he recovered, got back to work and lead a normal lifestyle. Months later he decided to move to Australia and here again the family agreed to his decision. He probably wanted know more about the gay community. He met a guy with whom he entertained a relationship but unfortunately things did not work out as expected. They quit but remained good friends. He got involved in other relationships which did not last for long. Soon loneliness paved its way. He turned to alcohol, sex shops, clubs and even drugs. He went down the track and decided to turn to the family. My husband and I rushed to his rescue on two occasions. It was our first visit to Australia and it was such a joy to be able to embrace our son again. During our stay we met his friends, cooked for them and shared many unforgettable moments together. It was really heart breaking when our holidays were over and we had to go back home.


From a distance we could feel that our son was not happy and was missing the family. He became a heavy drunkard, got involved in drugs, fights and court cases. Once again I had to rush to Australia to support him in all his ordeals. I will always be grateful to all his friends who stood by his side during his difficult moments.


On my fourth visit I told him that this could be my last one to Australia as I was short of money. He then realized that unless he returned back home he would not see the family again.


He did it, packed everything and flew back to his native land. The prodigal son is now among us. By God’s grace he had stopped doing drugs, stopped drinking and has turned away from his homosexuality.


His main objective in life now is to help those in need through his website. His aim is to prevent the spreading of diseases though some malpractices and to sensitize the gay community to live a healthy lifestyle.


Moms and Dad, my plea to you is to give a second chance to your children. Please do not reject them if one day your learn that they are LGBT, else, you would be driving them into sin and hell. Accept your children as they are and give them all the love that they need. In so doing together we parents will prevent the propagation of so many communicable diseases. Let us join hands to fight homophobia and sex discrimination in society.


Thank you mums and dads. May 2021 be a better year from all of us.


To end my story, I would like to share a little message to all of you:

In school we are given a lesson then a test, whereas in life we are given a test from which we learn a lesson.


With much love,




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