Pegasus is a gay horse who is a servant of God and has for mission to fight the dark forces of the world.

God appointed the Master and Pegasus on a mission to eradicate homophobia in the world.

The Master came to meet Pegasus for the first time, to fulfill God's will, and Pegasus recognized the Master who he had heard of and whom he had been awaiting for so long. It was Love at first sight for Pegasus. Pegasus had a sudden vision of the Master being dressed as a bridegroom. Pegasus then asked the Master if they could be boyfriends. The Master explained to Pegasus that his work was of highest importance and that he would consider being boyfriends at a later stage.

Pegasus was sad that the Master and him could not be boyfriends, yet, Pegasus understood that God's missions were more important than his own feelings.

Pegasus felt that its was going to be difficult on him to look at the Master, talk to him, want him and not be able to be boyfriends at the same time and Pegasus therefore decided to walk away in sadness and go to the battle on his own.

The battle was tough. Seeing that Pegasus was struggling on his own in the battle, God sent the Holy Spirit to guide him in his mission. Through the power of the Holy Spirit Pegasus knew exactly what to do as if he was on auto-pilot.

The Master, on his side, coordinated the events during the battle and sent to Pegasus his best soldiers along the way. The Master protected Pegasus from the dark forces of this world all throughout the battle.

After a long and intensive battle Pegasus finally won the battle and succeeded to eradicate homophobia in the world. He gave birth to a new world were LGBT people could finally live in peace, love and dignity.

When this mission was over, God called Pegasus and the Master to his Kingdom where Pegasus presented his apologies to God and to the Master for having allowed his own desires and doubts to take precedence over the missions of God.

Pegasus was finally re-united with God & the Master in spiritual love for eternity and he continued to go from missions to missions to eradicate the dark forces of this world to the day where every man and every child here on earth could eventually live in peace, love and dignity.


Moral of the story:

  • God loves homosexuals and wants them to live in peace, love and dignity.
  • The missions of God are of highest priority in life.
  • Love, Belief and Patience are the basis of all relations and they do pay at the end.
  • Spiritual love refers to a love rooted in a spiritual connection that helps us find meaning and purpose in our lives. Spiritual love can serve different purposes: some are meant to walk with us through life, while others are meant to teach us lessons.
  • Life is school where we come to learn and achieve things in preparation for Eternal Life.

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