One of our missions is to stop homophobia in the world and we need your full support to achieve this.


At the Rainbow Fellowship, we prioritize our mission to stop homophobia. It is the root cause of cases of intolerance, harm, abuse and mental health issues among the LGBT community.



Homophobia is an issue that must be understood at its core. Its existence makes the life of the gay community difficult and filled with prejudice. Openly gay people have dealt with hate, discrimination and hostile behaviour among many other things.

Homophobia must be stopped so that the lives of the LGBT people can be lived as normal as possible. It affects the gay community to the extent that depression and suicidal behaviour are prevalent.


Culture and Norms

Till this day, heterosexuality has never been frowned upon or questioned. It is considered the norm because it has been reflected in most cultures and religions as well. The misrepresentation or lack thereof the LGBT community has caused years and years of injustice.

LGBT support must be a big part of education, media and culture to prevent homophobic behaviour. At a closer look, “norms” are set by us collectively as a society which means we can end homophobia one day.


Gay Dating

As far as we remember, the idea of a man courting a woman has been romanticized time and time again. Fortunately, in recent years, the idea of a same-sex couple has been represented in films, but it remains stereotypical and fails to be the lead love story.

Most gay individuals are never able to pursue romantic or sexual relationships for fear of revealing their true sexual orientation and homophobia from society at large. It means never being able to have healthy, fulfilling relationships – the thing that allows all of us to lead normal lives. Only recently, there has been a rise in gay meeting sites which has greatly helped the community in finding an easy and safe way to find meaningful relationships.


LGBT Information

Homophobia also stems from the lack of understanding and the judgment carried by those who don’t understand, that homosexuality truly doesn’t affect them in any way. The limited or lack of information they have is highly inaccurate and remains riddled with misconceptions that further homophobic, transphobic and biphobic tendencies. Stereotypes and perceived gender roles have further fueled these misconceptions.

Ignorance and prejudice go side by side when it comes to homophobia. Society must be willing to understand and normalize the existence of homosexuality to create a safer and equal world for the LGBT community.


Love and Support

The prevention of homophobia can start from a straight friend standing up for their gay friend or a teacher reprimanding a student for making an “innocent” joke that is transphobic. Homophobia makes the lives of many closeted and openly gay individuals hard to live. It affects their self-esteem, personality and their ability to live life fairly.

It is as simple as setting aside differences and respecting that everyone deserves to live and live the way they want. It’s about understanding that different people have the right to live their lives differently. This support is needed from our education systems, authorities and the society as a whole – it comes down to learning how to live and let live.


We must work towards building a better society that is ready to understand differences and recognize homophobic behaviour from the very beginning – not only recognizing but also learning how to stop homophobia. The LGBT community is simply just fighting for their right to love and be loved.


At RFGN, we believe every human being deserves the same level of respect, support and treatment. Homophobia prevents many people from feeling equal and hampers their way of life.


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    1. Derrick Amoah Derrick Amoah on October 24, 2020 at 7:09 pm

      It is a big No to homophobia. We are in this together


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