When it comes to love, we’ve all had to deal with our fair share of crushes and heartbreaks. What if you were told that the person you love is not acceptable? You’re told that you legally can’t marry them?


Well, this is what the LGBT community has had to face since a very long time.


Basic Human Rights

Apart from other rights, love is a human right too – every human deserves to live a free and happy life. The gay community has dealt with inequality, rejection, abuse and harassment as far as we can remember. LGBT people are deprived of the basic right to be able to marry whoever they want to. They cannot initiate, develop and maintain their relationships as freely as they deserve.


Human beings are social creatures that have always strived for bonding, relationships and emotional connections. However, when it comes to LGBT support, there is none or very less. Homosexuality is considered as a stigmatized part of the community who aren’t allowed the basic right to love and be loved. Experiencing love is something that every person truly deserves.



LGBT people have grown up in a society where their sexual orientation has been considered “abnormal” and “unacceptable”. It causes their relationships to remain strained and challenging. From the fear of disapproval to closeted individuals, the journey to having healthy and loving connections has been filled with prejudice and ultimately, the denial of a basic human right.


As a society, every individual should have free will and the right to marry according to their choice. Accepting and creating an understanding environment can help millions of individuals to have meaningful and caring connections with whomever they please.



Every movie, book and song has portrayed a male and female romance. Love is often a central theme in many of these romantic tales. However, there is a limited representation of same-sex couples. This lack of inclusion is also socially and legally.


We must create, view and promote stories and experiences of the LGBT community to normalize homosexuality and its existence. Representing queer individuals in media and education is a step in progressing towards an easier life for the community.


The Importance of Love

No matter how much money you have, every human being still seeks out and pursues fulfilling romantic relationships in their life. Loving someone and being loved is what makes life fulfilling and worth it in the end. It isn’t false to say that love makes us happy, and everyone deserves happiness in their lives. Being able to love someone else also means being able to love ourselves. However, people who identify as LGBT have always faced challenging situations due to the hate and abuse that they have to face.


If you are told your entire life that your sexual orientation is wrong, it negatively affects self-esteem and hinders your ability to pursue romantic relationships with another person. It isn’t about gender but more so about having an environment where you are free to choose a partner who you can care for, love and marry.


Around the world and over time, homosexuality has mostly been treated negatively, from choosing who you love to the way you live your life. Undeniably, nothing is more important for a human than being loved and having the choice to love someone, free of judgment and inequality. Love is surely a human right because it makes each day worth living and being able to spend your life with the one you love is a basic need at its core.


We must recognize that everyone deserves to experience loving relationships and live life to the fullest.



    1. MyGayOpinion MyGayOpinion on December 12, 2020 at 7:07 pm

      Love is an integral part of any person’s life and this article marks the importance of it. Like Rupaul says, “if you can’t love yourself, then how in the hell are you going to love someone else,” and society makes that hard for the LGBT community. When LGBT people are being told that they’re wrong and their feelings are invalid, that effects their relationships with themselves and with others. Not only romantic relationships but all relationships, including those with family and friends.

      So when this article says “Loving is a human right,” it is. It’s something that effects the LGBT individual, their community and society as a whole. Love is something that there should be no laws or restrictions on. Love is the purest and possibly the most important emotion there is. By putting a cap on that, it’s stagnating the whole process and lessening the amount of love in the world. Keeping us from loving ourselves as well as our neighbors and families. Love shouldn’t be withheld from anyone.

    2. shabnaz shabnaz on December 23, 2020 at 7:31 am

      Indeed love is the most beautiful aspect of human life and, unfortunately, the members of our community have been deprived of this fundamental human right for ages. It is high time that the international community recognize the struggle of our community and ensure the protection of our rights.

      • JEROME JEROME on December 23, 2020 at 7:39 am

        Good morning,
        Thank you for your message.
        We are here as an NGO and provide support to each individual.

        Feel free to message us.


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