Everyone wishes to live life without any fear, to express their views freely, and have somebody to turn to in times of difficulties and crisis. Rainbow Fellowship is a community welcoming like-minded individuals who are searching for more than just a swipe. Not all members of the LGBT community may have similar experiences. But, prejudice, discrimination, denial of human and civil rights, harassment as well as family rejection are tragically common for the people with such identities. At Rainbow Fellowship Global Network, we offer you space for sharing your personality. We also offer you complete LGBT information. You will get a much better understanding of other members of our website before you meet them.

Many LGBT individuals are on the cruise of gay dating sites. Our website offers more than traditional gay meeting sites. Our aim is to provide LGBT people with a network where they can find support, love, acceptance, freedom and happiness in life.

At RFGN we are fighting the challenges of LGBT life together, no one feels lonely.

Our long-term goal is to share awareness in the world that homosexuality is about love and vouch for LGBT Human Rights; for at the end of the day love is essential to human happiness be it friendship, romance, encouragements or support. Life is about giving and receiving love in any aspect.

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