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Importance of LGBT Social Network & RFGN


The Effect of the Internet on the LGBT Community

Internet forums designated for LGBT adolescents are important resources that can accommodate them to cope with the unique challenges at this turning point for their identity, deemed to reduce the risk of detrimental outcomes, such as depression or even suicide.

A social network has an enormous impact on society since the internet and smartphones became popularly used technological accessories. Many media platforms have changed marketing in almost every industry, transforming how people socialize and learn about each other. Social networks have been to bring people together and to help scatter information. But, of course, they also circulate disinformation and tear people apart.


To Know That You Are Not Alone

On the positive side of the equation, one point social media can do well is connecting people and communities. LGBT people have a certain kinship with social media. It has proven to help individuals who may feel vulnerable, alone, or isolated to feel community. Many social media groups are deemed safe spaces where LGBT people can share their stories and feelings outwardly without the fear of judgment. The ability to share their experiences enables social media to be a safe haven for the various people around the world who face discrimination and harassment in their everyday lives.

According to Duquesne University, “Researchers found the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) community runs into obstacles when trying to access healthcare due to gaps in coverage, social stigmas, and discrimination, among others.”


Helping Each Other Face Hard Times

When people have to suffer prejudice in their daily lives, it can stop them from getting the physical and emotional care they need to grow. However, when LGBT members have social and emotional help, they can reacquire their confidence. In fact, some people are only out as LGBT in online groups where they can remain anonymous behind a false name and avatar. Being out online gives them space where they can feel like themselves, even if they aren’t yet out to associates and family.


Dark Side of a Social Network

Social media platforms give several adverse possibilities for all these benefits, particularly in the current socio-political climate. The social platforms can bully, silence, and ridicule the LGBT society, much like the real world.


The Social Network at Rainbow Fellowship

But at RFGN, a safe environment is created. An environment that is supportive and is void of any hate or immoral talk. Rainbow Fellowship supports the community and prides itself on being a source to spread love, support, happiness, positivity, and peace. At RFGN, we recommend that the community members beckon their friends, colleagues, and acquaintances to become part of our social network and join hands with us. Together we can build a society where there is no discrimination and a world in which we all may exist with peace and love.


Networking Across Borders

The feeling of camaraderie when people gather together and form an association is considered a significant feature of modern democracies. There are numerous countries in which the members of our community are denied this basic right. The countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kenya, Afghanistan, Yemen, and many nations have declared consensual same-sex relations illegal. The members of our community living in these countries are fighting for the recognition of their rights. For these places, a supportive internet environment can do wonders.


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