Is there anything on your mind?

We will offer you complete advice and support on various topics. Our LGBT community service will be non-judgmental, so you can tell us anything and everything going on your mind right now.

  • Feeling isolated or lonely?
  • Struggling with mental health?
  • Questioning your own gender identity?
  • Thinking to come out?
  • Want to report any hate crime?
  • Getting rejected due to your sexual orientation and gender identity?
  • Looking for information about your sexual health?

You can take a close look at the Success Stories that feature our real members & their experiences.

The objective of our network is to be charitable:

  • We have for mission to stop homophobia in the world and promote the quality of life of LGBT people.
  • We offer a support platform to LGBT community members where they are able to socialize, talk about their feelings openly, make real friends, and support one another when need arise.
  • We offer support and guidance to LGBT community members who are rejected or persecuted by society just for being LGTB.
  • We enable our members to post ads on the RFGN network to advertise their concerns and issues and request help anytime.


  1. Kmoney Garrison Kmoney Garrison on October 10, 2020 at 6:16 pm

    I’m thinking about coming out. I’ve been depressed about not being able to come out yet due to inexperience with feminine women.

  2. Said Ade Said Ade on October 13, 2020 at 6:25 am

    Am gay Muslim am alone in this life no one love me i was willing to kill my self but whne I find you I get some hopes last week some goons beats me up right nw am receiving threat calls SMS I don’t stay one place am hiding my self I can’t Evan report to the police I don’t do wht to do


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