Many LGBT people have asked us: "Is RFGN a Gay Dating Site / LGBT Dating Site?". RFGN is primarily here to support LGBT people in all aspects of life. RFGN is an open network and people are welcome to do what they believe in. Not everybody thinks the same way and everyone is free to have their own opinion and their own lifestyle in life. Some people are actively looking a date and others are looking for support. RFGN is not here to influence people's life and decide what people should or should not do. Instead, if two people happen to meet on the RFGN and want to go on an LBGT date, RFGN wishes them happiness and success and will always be here to offer them its best support; for we understand that at the end of the day love is essential to human happiness be it friendship, romance, encouragements or support. Life is about giving and receiving love in any aspect.

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