There’s still a long way to go to achieve LGBT acceptance in the world but we are committed to make it happen.


The world has come far from denying the existence of homosexuality to legalizing gay marriage in 29 countries until now, but we still have a long way to go. The LGBT community and its supporters have been fighting a long war to create acceptance towards those individuals who don’t identify with heterosexuality.


We must promote and create a society for the LGBT where they are accepted, supported and understood.


Creating an understanding

Homophobia can only be curbed if society understands and acknowledges the existence of the gay community. Adults and children need to be taught that LGBT people are just as normal as everyone else. Instead of treating it as a choice or a trend, it must be understood that homosexuality is natural and cannot be changed. Many parents who have gay children treat them as if something is wrong with them or that they are going through a phase. However, being attracted to the same-sex or identifying as another gender comes naturally to the LGBT.


Awareness and understanding is the key to promoting acceptance towards a struggling community who have, unfortunately, long dealt with inequality and hatred in all spheres of life.


Normalizing LGBT information

Promoting that gay individuals are normal and accepted will hopefully help lessen the prejudice and marginalization that they come across. Homosexuality is still considering taboo and illegal in many countries, but that doesn’t mean gay individuals don’t exist in the country. They are simply afraid and fear the disapproval of friends, family and their society. Normalizing the LGBT community can only start from keeping an open mind and discussing the meaning of homosexuality, which at its core is having the free will to love.


Discussing homosexuality and its existence will help normalize and create a safer world for gay individuals. The more it is treated as a foreign concept, the more hate speech, slurs and discrimination will continue.


Reforms in the Education Sector

Our school system will have to create an open environment where all individuals treat each other equally, no matter their sexual orientation. We must introduce an inclusive curriculum that acknowledges the existence of LGBT people and their choices. Strict actions must be taken if a student feels discriminated against and bullied for their choices. Acceptance can only be created if the LGBT are treated normally and considered natural. Efforts have to be made by education authorities, teachers, students and parents alike.


Introducing books and curriculums that mention same-sex couples is a tiny step that can help create an understanding of the LGBT community.


Romantic Concepts

Over the years, we have gradually seen same-sex couples being portrayed in media. However, this cannot erase the preconceived notions that society has about how a male and female should behave.


Pink has always been associated with females and blue with males, and this is where the problem lies. Anti-LGBT people fail to wrap their heads around any romantic concepts that are not heteronormative. Same-sex couples are usually asked questions like who is the man in the relationship because we are so used to seeing a patriarchal family structure, which greatly contributes to unfortunate transphobic behaviour.


LGBT activists have been working hard to break the cycle of homophobia and derogatory treatment. A society that accepts gay individuals must be inclusive, open and compassionate. Acceptance must also be done on a legal level because if same-sex marriages remain illegal, in turn, the society will always discriminate against the already struggling LGBT community. Reporting hate crimes and violence to the authorities is important to bring light to the way gay individuals have been forced to live.


Acceptance won’t come easy, but it can even start with you.


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    1. MyGayOpinion MyGayOpinion on December 12, 2020 at 7:24 pm

      It’s horrible that there are still places where homosexuality is considered a taboo or illegal, this article makes a good point that just because something isn’t accepted doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Awareness and understanding are so important, like stated in the article, because it shows everyone that there are LGBT people everywhere and they’re just like everybody else. Valuable members of our society and world. However, it’s harder for LGBT people to stand proud in places where it isn’t as acceptable.

      The hard part is that some people don’t have the luxury of being out. This article makes a good point that only by normalizing and making LGBT topics a part of the conversation are we able to make things safer for LGBT people to come out of the closet. Education is key, both in society and in the classroom. I wish all schools could have a GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) for student who are LGBT and their allies. Give the kids a safe place to be themselves and support their friends and fellow students.


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