About Us

Rainbow Fellowship Global Network (RFGN) is a free LGBT Social & Support Network.

Our aim is to provide LGBT people with a network where they can find support, love, acceptance, freedom and happiness in life.

Our Objectives

The objective of our network is to be charitable:

  • We have for mission to stop homophobia in the world and promote the quality of life of LGBT people.
  • We have for mission to promote LGBT Education globally.
  • We offer a support platform to LGBT community members where they are able to socialize, talk about their feelings openly, make real friends, and support one another when need arise. The purpose of this objective is to prevent LGBT people from feeling lonely, depressed, suicidal.
  • We offer support and guidance to LGBT community members who are rejected or persecuted by society just for being LGTB.
  • We enable our members to post ads on the RFGN network to advertise their concerns and issues and request help anytime.
  • We offer spiritual advice and support to LGBT community members.

Our Core Services (RFGN)

  • LGBT Social Network
  • LGBT Support Network

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