To Whom It May Concern,


In the context of the increasing homosexuality as well as homophobia in the world and foreseeing a big clash for human rights in the future, this is a humble invitation from RFGN to all the world leaders to collaborate with us through diplomatic means and discuss the issues related to homosexuality and homophobia, to make the world a better place to live.

RFGN is a LGBTQ+ support network that welcomes people of all sexualities to come and find support at one platform. Along with providing support, RFGN has also played the role of a mediator between the LGBTQ+ community and the world.

RFGN is on a mission to eradicate homophobia in the world and make the LGBTQ+ community more acceptable to the world by promoting decent practices.

RFGN has actively been working in this regard and has been raising its voice in support of LGBTQ+ rights as well as against the immoral activities by the LGBTQ+ community, which gives it a status of a neutral platform deflected towards peace, if anything.

In its mission, RFGN has raised awareness and talked about how homosexuality is not a choice. Ever since the concept of homosexuality has emerged, there has been a debate of nature vs. nurture to find out the causing factors. Despite various speculations and theories, there is no conclusion yet.

RFGN believes that there is no second opinion about homosexuality not being a choice. Whether it is nature or nurture, the LGBTQ+ community is inevitably not choosing to be the way they are. If homosexuality were a choice, only some crazy person would choose to be a homosexual because of the troubles that homosexual have to go through both after identifying and announcing their sexuality.

RFGN understands that even if the concept of homosexuality has existed in the past, the emergence of LGBTQ+ as a community is probably something new. And it is normal for human beings to have a fear of the unknown. Since homosexuality is something unusual in a society where heterosexuality is dominant, it is understandable that maybe homophobia comes naturally to some people.

RFGN believes that it is unfair for a person who finds homosexuality unusual to punish somebody for being the way they did not decide to be. Punishment is not only being physically abusive, it also includes throwing shade or even isolating somebody. Emotional abuse sometimes leaves scars on the soul, deeper than those scars that can be seen on the skin.

RFGN believes that just because a human being has a sexuality different from the majority does not mean that we should dehumanize them. RFGN believes that LGBTQ+ are humans regardless of their sexuality and have as many rights as any other human being.

The fundamental human rights essential for any human being to live peacefully include freedom of choice and the right to love.

It is no secret that homosexuals have been denied their fundamental human rights ever since they first emerged. But now, when we live in a civilized society, RFGN is hopeful that all the world leaders who have the power to influence would accept our invitation and would be willing and cooperative to ensure that no human being is denied his human rights and that every human being has the right to be free, respected, to love and be loved.

After the grant of equal human rights to everybody regardless of their sexuality, RFGN would like to invite the world leaders’ attention towards diplomatic talks for normalizing homosexuality.

RFGN admits that LGBTQ+ are more empowered than they ever were in history. They are growing in numbers rapidly, and the LGBTQ+ community is stronger than ever. RFGN believes that it is high time to accept LGBTQ+ as a regular part of our society and normalize their existence worldwide.

With so many sexualities in existence today, RFGN believes that the way to move forward is to remove sexual orientation as a factor, i.e., normalizing being from sexuality different from heterosexuality.

For this purpose, RFGN would like to collaborate with the world leaders to raise awareness about the things discussed in this letter, i.e., homosexuality is not a choice, human rights are inclusive to all human beings, and every person has freedom of choice and the right to love.

At the same time, RFGN also believes that homosexuals also share the responsibility for homophobia in the world. We recognize the role that homosexuals might have played to contribute to homophobia, and homophobia is partially a result of their activities. For this purpose, RFGN offers its collaboration to the world leaders to raise awareness among the LGBTQ+ community about immoral sexual practices. RFGN has already been raising awareness among its community to avoid immoral acts such as sex in public toilets and public showers.

Similarly, RFGN also understands that homosexual practices are a cause of spreading diseases such as STDs and STIs. RFGN condemns such practices and has been actively encouraging its community to engage in healthy sexual practices only.

Moreover, RFGN respects the world’s laws and understands that they have been made for a reason. RFGN appreciates the criminalization of certain sexual acts such as anal sex and sex under the influence of drugs and would encourage world leaders to ensure strict abidance of these laws. Simultaneously, RFGN has also been educating its community to abide by these laws and has been suggesting ways to enjoy their lives to the fullest without violating any laws or moral standards.

RFGN has set out on this mission to eradicate homophobia from the world and encourage safe and decent practices by the LGBTQ+ community. RFGN believes that this world belongs to all of us, and all of us should take the responsibility to make it a better and peaceful place.

Even though the efforts for peace by RFGN have been reasonably successful and have borne fruit so far, RFGN still believes that the world leaders have a very pivotal role to play, and their contribution to this mission is essential.

For this purpose, RFGN invites all the world leaders for diplomatic engagements to map out a way towards the prosperity of this world and the future of the next generations regardless of their sexual orientation.

RFGN announces its unconditional, sincere, and wholehearted support to every person who wants to work for the betterment of humans and provisions of human rights and its appreciation for every step which is taken towards the betterment of this world.

RFGN is hopeful that the world leaders would share the same sentiments to ensure a peaceful environment to live in and freedom of choice and be willing to collaborate with us in our missions.

We wish to thank you kindly for you cooperation.

RFGN Education Advisor


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