A Different Sexuality

We at the Rainbow fellowship have a mission, a mission of love, a mission to give you the ability and the confidence to love fully, safely and without shame.

If you have awoken to a sexuality where you find yourself attracted to the same sex, then we need you to know that it is completely okay. It is completely okay for you to not hold to societies outdated and intolerable norms and it is your right to be able to express that freely.

It is a tale of old, that society tends to ostracize anyone that doesn’t follow its conventional norms and it can often lead a person to doubt themselves and become vulnerable to negative feelings. If you ever find yourself to be in this position because of your sexual orientation, you are not alone. You belong to a much larger community called the LGBTQIA. 


In a society where a hate speech, denial and abuse can become prevalent if unchecked it is crucial to have a platform where the LGBTQIA community can empower and support one another.

Rainbow Fellowship realizes and understands the challenges of LGBTQIA. We feel what they must have gone through to be the way they want to be. We know how hard it is to fight the world and yourself for what you feel, for something that is an instinct and a reality that cannot and should not be denied or suppressed. Hence it is the RFGN’s mandate to provide a platform for the LGBTQIA community where they can unite and support each other with tender care and love. RFGN vows to provide you a personal and social space where there are no judgments or discrimination, to be a place where the LGBTQIA can truly be themselves.

RFGN, a place you can call Home

At Rainbow fellowship, there are people who have stories to tell. People who fell and got back up, people who won, people who you can learn from and people to whom you can teach.

Everyone at RFGN is a family, a family with a heart that nourishes and ears that listen. We listen to you with our heart.

Our community at RFGN is of fellows who are always available and more than willing to help provide support for the LGBTQIA community. It is a safe haven where you can find sincere advice, honest opinions and realistic solutions.

You’re also welcome to come to RFGN simply to hang out, make friends and to have fun.

RFGN has been built with lots of love for you.

RFGN is your home and your home is my heart.


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