Pegasus Operation

Program 001

Normalization of Homosexuality and Eradication of Homophobia in the World


Program Director: Clive Perry Ramen

Estimated Program Duration: 25 years

Techniques used to reach specified goal: Education & Technology


Target Start Date: Year 2021 – Quarter 1 (subject to funding)

Project Management Methodology: PRINCE2 & PRINCE2 Agile

Tools & Techniques used to reach specified goal: RFGN, Education & Technology


Program/Projects Scope

  1. Help LGBT people accomplish their dreams!!
  2. Promote a new positive vision about homosexuality to the world to eradicate homophobia.
  3. Promote LGBT acceptance and awareness in the world through Education & Technology.
  4. Provide Support to LGBT people.
  5. Prevent LGBT people from feeling lonely, depressed or suicidal.
  6. Enable volunteers & members also to support other members.
  7. Establish RFGN as the biggest LGBT Network in the world.


The Rainbow Fellowship Foundation has for mission to share with the world that, in several cases, homosexuality is about love and that LGBT people also have the rights to peace, love & dignity.

Our strategy is to invite the world to come to the Rainbow Fellowship Global Network (RFGN) and embrace “a new positive vision” about homosexuality and promote this vison globally.


1. Program Brief

Homosexual Love & Homosexuality are not a crimes or sins. Homosexuality is about Love.

LGBT people have the rights to be homosexuals as long as no one is being hurt.

There are major issues related to homophobia in the world and this project aims at bringing solutions to these issues.

By stopping homophobia in the world:

    • LGB people will feel less lonely and excluded (Social inclusion)
    • LGBT people will be free to live their lives without fear, shame, prejudice, discrimination and violence.


2. Requirements

There is the need for a Global LGBT network (RFGN Global Network)

    • Where LGBT people can socialise online.
    • Where LGBT people can request and receive support.
    • Where LGBT People can publish to the world the issues and injustice that they are facing.
    • Where LGBT People can have access to Justice.
    • Where organizations that support LGBT people are empowered to collaborate online and strengthen their relationships.
    • Where organizations that support LGBT are able to publish to the world the issues that LGBT people are facing.


3. Religion & Homosexuality

God Loves All of Us

Religious Views about LGBTQ Community

Pope Francis: ‘Anyone who discards gay people…’


4. Homophobia in the World

LGBT Discrimination Around the World


5. LGBT Rights


RFGN | Rights to Love, Respect & Happiness

RFGN | Loving is a human right


RFGN | Say Yes to Gay Rights

RFGN | Rights to be ourselves

RFGN | Freedom

RFGN | LGBT Rights



6. Homophobic Countries

The following countries have been recognized as some of the most well-known places that are unsafe for gay travelers, as they actively criminalize the LGBT community, revoke LGBT support and do not support gay dating. Also listed are their punishments.


  • Algeria: 2-months to 2-years imprisonment and fine.
  • Afghanistan: Death penalty.
  • Algeria: 3-year imprisonment.
  • Bangladesh: Life imprisonment.
  • Brunei: Stoning to death and penal consequences.
  • Egypt: 3-year imprisonment and fine.
  • Ethiopia: 1-year imprisonment.
  • Ghana: 5-year imprisonment.
  • Indonesia: 8-year imprisonment and 100 lashes.
  • Iran: Death penalty.
  • Iraq: The Iraqi Penal Code does not expressly prohibit consensual same-sex sexual relations. However, there have been numerous reports in recent years of non-state actors ordering the executions of men and women for same-sex intimacy.
  • Iran: Death penalty.
  • Jamaica: 10-year imprisonment with hard labor.
  • Kenya: 14-year imprisonment.
  • Libya: 5-year imprisonment.
  • Malaysia: 20-year imprisonment.
  • Malawi: 14-year imprisonment.
  • Maldives: 8-year imprisonment or 100 lashes.
  • Mauritania: Death penalty.
  • Morocco: 6-month to 3-year imprisonment and fine.
  • Nigeria: 14-year imprisonment.
  • Pakistan: Stoning to death for married and 100 lashes for unmarried people. However, under the Penal Code, the maximum punishment for homosexuality is life imprisonment.
  • Qatar: Death penalty.
  • Singapore: 2-year imprisonment.
  • Saudi Arabia: The acts of homosexuality between married men sex are punished with the death penalty, while non-married men are punished with flogging.
  • Tanzania: 30-years to life imprisonment.
  • Uganda: Life imprisonment.
  • Yemen: Stoning to death in case of married and imprisonment for unmarried.
  • Zimbabwe: 1-year imprisonment or fine.


7. How can we promote LGBT acceptance in the world?

How to Prevent Homophobia in the World and Improve Quality of Life of LGBT People

How to stand together against Homophobia



Our strategy is to operate at 4  levels:

  1. Social Inclusion
  2. Individual Support
  3. Alliance with other organizations
  4. Root Cause Eradication (RCE)


RFGN is a global network which has for aim to share with the world that, in several cases, homosexuality is about love and that LGBT people also have the rights to peace, love & dignity.

Our strategy is to invite the world to come to the RFGN network and embrace “a new positive vision” about homosexuality and promote this vison globally.


1 – Social Inclusion

Our aim is to provide LGBT people with a network where they can find support, love, acceptance, freedom and happiness in life.

At RFGN Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders can socialise online, make real friends, support each other and seek support.


2 – LGBT Support

Individuals Support

Provide moral support and advice to LGBT individuals who are facing loneliness, discrimination, rejection, persecution.

Assist LGBT people who are who are facing discrimination, rejection, persecution, violence (e.g. Asylum, Relocation, Legal Support)


3 – Partnership with other LGBT Support Organizations


Partner with other LGBT & non-LGBT Organizations to find solutions for LGBT people needing help such as asylum, moral & psychological support.


4 – Root Cause Eradication


Education Program: Normalization of Homosexuality and Eradication of Homophobia 

  1. Educate society that homosexuality is not a choice and that people are born homosexuals or become homosexuals without choosing to do so.
  2. Educate homosexuals that they need to promote healthy and morally acceptable LGBT lifestyles to cast positive perceptions about homosexuality to society to gain acceptance.
  3. Engage and work with governmental & non-governmental organizations of homophobic countries and invite them to understand that homosexuality is not a choice and that it is a natural phenomena.
  4. Engage and work with educational institution to invite them to share awareness to students from an appropriate age that some humans are naturally homosexuals and that homosexuality is a natural phenomena.


a. Education of LGBT People

RFGN | The Secret Contribution of Homosexuals in Homophobia


RFGN | Understanding Sexuality for LGBTQ Community members

RFGN | Sex Education

RFGN | Sexually Transmitted Infections & Sexually Transmitted Diseases

RFGN | Types of Sexually Transmitted Infections

RFGN | What is HIV?

RFGN | Transmissions of Sexually Transmissible Diseases & Infections to your sexual partner is a crime!!

RFGN | Dangers of Anal Sex

RFGN | LGBT Relationships

RFGN | Loyalty

RFGN | LGBTQ+ Dating and relationship advice


b. Education of Society & the Public about LGBT acceptance

RFGN | EDUCATION : A road to the LGBTQ+ normalization


c. Education of Children about LGBT acceptance

RFGN | Should LGBT acceptance be taught to children?


d. Education of Religious Institutions about LGBT acceptance & Negotiations


e. Education of Governments of Homophobic Countries & Negotiations


f. Collaboration with United Nations & International Organizations


f. RFGN Social Network


g. LGBT Support Organizations


8. Documents & Articles

Book | “Love him and let him love you. Do you think anything else under heaven really matters?” – James Baldwin

RFGN | 10 Notable Celebrity LGBT Supporters

Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef

Swedish pop sensation Darin Zanyar comes out as gay

Paris Jackson opens up about her sexuality



    1. shabnaz shabnaz on December 26, 2020 at 8:22 am

      Review of the program

      Rainbow Fellowship Global Network (RFGN) is an incredible platform for the LGBTQ+ community in particular and the society in general. It provides a support system to the members of the community to socialize, make meaningful relationships, and create awareness about the community. The mission of RFGN is to eliminate homophobia and promote peace, compassion, love, and acceptance for fellow beings. The struggle of the LGBTQ+ community has resulted in some positive changes in some countries such as the recognition of their legal rights, social acceptance, etc., however, there are numerous countries in which the members of the LGBTQ+ community are living in fear and deprived of their most fundamental rights. As discussed by Clive Perry Ramen, program director of RFGN, in the program overview, homosexuality is a crime in numerous countries. In some countries, homosexuality is penalized with the death penalty. To address these challenges it is essential to normalize homosexuality and to eliminate homophobia and transphobia.

      The program outline provided by the program directly reflects the mission of RFGN and it provides a road map for the realization of the mission. The most significant means to eliminate homophobia is to educate society and to build bridges. For the realization of the objectives of RFGN, I would recommend the following measures:

      1 – Collaboration of RFGN with similar organizations working for the rights of LGBTQ+ community such as International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA), International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex Youth and Student Organization (IGLYO), etc. The collaboration with these organizations will be very beneficial to educate the members of the LGBTQ+ community about sexually transmitted diseases, negative consequences of anal sex on health, and actions of the homosexuals which are contributing to homophobia. These organizations may invite members of society to participate in Pride parades to understand the members of the community. Similarly, these organizations may work together to promote a healthy, educated, and united community.

      2 – Collaboration with international human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, etc. These human rights organizations have a great influence on the international community and the national governments. These organizations are working in different countries including the countries in which homosexuality is a crime. The collaboration of RFGN with these human rights organization may play a very significant role in bringing a positive change in the countries which have imposed penal consequences for homosexuality.

      3 – Collaboration of RGFN with national and local human rights organizations especially in countries where homosexuality is a crime. The collaboration of RFGN with these organizations will provide support to the members of the LGBTQ+ community living in these countries. Similarly, it will provide an opportunity to create awareness about the challenges faced by the members of the LGBTQ+ community in these countries.

      4 – Religious beliefs and religious institutions have contributed to homophobia, therefore it is very important to promote dialogue between religious authorities and the LGBTQ+ community. RFGN may take measures to initiate a dialogue between religious authorities and LGBTQ+ individuals belonging to different faith communities.

      5 – The Internet and social media are a very significant means to connect with the world. RFGN may use its platform to create awareness about the challenges and issues of the LGBTQ+ community. Similarly, RFGN may use its platform to educate the members of the LGBTQ+ community about sexually transmitted diseases, unhealthy activities, etc.

      6 – RFGN may work with organization such as the United Nations and international human rights organizations to negotiate with countries to change their policies regarding the LGBTQ+ community.

      7 – Educational institutions play a very significant role in the lives of future generation. Therefore, the educational institutions may play an imperative role in creating awareness about the issues of LGBTQ+ community and to promote social acceptance and respect for LGBTQ+ community. RFGN may collaborate with educational institutions of different countries to make changes in the curriculum and include the representation of LGBTQ+ community and promote social acceptance within their academic institutions.

      For the realization of its mission, RFGN has to work with local, national, regional, and international organizations and communities. I am optimistic and full of hope that the efforts of RFGN will bring a positive change in the world and make a significant contribution to make our world a better place to live in.

    2. Amir Malik Amir Malik on December 30, 2020 at 7:49 pm

      The program seems to be a carefully crafted one. It is a whole package and probably covers all the areas surrounding the issue.

      It is very satisfying to see how wholesome your program is.

      It is excellent that you have brought all the things together on one page. From religion to society, education, health and science, everything is on point. Nothing seems to be left out.

      The Medium:

      The medium you are going to use to execute your strategy looks to be the most appropriate one. Technology is not just the most impactful medium but also is readily available. Similarly, educating people is the only way out in today’s civilized world. The definition of revolution seems to be changing here as blood does not need to be shed anymore to bring a change. Education is a new weapon.

      The Strategy:

      In my foresight, your strategy will not only bring acceptance for the LGBT community. It will also earn love for it as your way will be the way of love and peace. What could be better than love to talk about love? Great Job!

      The Exception:

      Your approach seems to collaborative rather than defensive, which is an exception in this program.

      You are not pointing out faults in the outside world only but are also being self-accountable. You are identifying the LGBT community’s shortcomings and educating and encouraging them to work on themselves and become better people.


      There are two points that I would like to highlight.

      1. Firstly, there is nothing such as “homophobic countries” in my opinion. Using this term might get the citizens of those countries defensive and hence biased towards your program. Countries are no entity on their own. Countries are just some people sharing a living space. So it is not the countries that are homophobic, it is the people.

      2. Secondly, the countries you have mentioned are mostly third world countries. Living standards are not very great there, and hence the quality of education is also lacking. You might not see any proper LGBT community in those countries. So the people are naturally to be homophobic there.


      1. Rather than calling out the countries, keep it general and address the homophobic people only. Suppose the people in those countries get enlightened. In that case, those countries’ constitution is likely to change as well, as a country’s constitution is the representative of what its citizens want and don’t want.

      Countries should be mentioned to raise awareness and highlight the cruel punishments as it is not just homophobic; it is also a severe violation of human rights.

      2. In the same third world countries, homosexuality has not gained acceptance even within the LGBT community.
      As mentioned earlier, people are less educated. For example, if somebody in those countries is a homosexual, he will be reluctant to identify his sexuality. He might think that he is sick or he has some physical or psychological problem. He might choose to never express his sexuality out of fear as almost all the homosexuals go through this period while identifying themselves as homosexuals.

      3. The program should include something for potential LGBT to help them understand their sexuality and how to express it safely. Once the homosexuals start raising in numbers and form a proper LGBT community, we can hope that those communities will influence their societies and ultimately their constitutions. The world will eventually become a less homophobic, more accepting, peaceful and loving place to be.

      Religion & Homosexuality


      It is good that you have considered all the religions without any discrimination. This inclusive approach will be of help for people of all religions find guidance.

      The more bold move is that you have generally discussed religions and quoted specific verses from them and used proper references. It boosts the credibility of your content.

      To my surprise, only those verses or segments of religion that can be considered in favour of LGBT were not included. The verses that go against the LGBT were also included, and a balanced comparison was drawn. It is also a great move that the readers were not spoon-fed but were given the liberty to draw their conclusions. The good neutral approach there.


      I would like to discuss some crucial points that could have been included but were found to be left out.

      Direct Accountability:

      In all the religions, the followers are directly answerable to their god. God is very capable of doing justice to his followers, which is why he has kept this matter exclusively in his own hands. God has not given any fellow human beings to hold anyone accountable and reward or punish him for his actions. Even if LGBT is astray, no religion allows anybody to judge anybody else and decide good or bad for him. This is a trait exclusive to god.

      Even if it is a Choice:

      It has been widely discussed that one’s sexual orientation is not his personal choice. It is valid and vital to be discussed. But even if it is a choice, everyone should be free to make and exercise their choices, and nobody should have a problem with it as long as nobody is being hurt. We might need to go a bit off the guilt trip here.

      Creating a Divide:

      A point that could have been discussed while talking about the restriction of LGBT in religious places is that the LGBT community will only grow. There is no way that they will disappear now. If the restrictions are kept on, LGBT might have no choice but to make their churches, temples and mosques. This step will create a further divide in the world which would not be a good thing. There are already so many different religions with contrary belief systems. Also, no religion would want to lose a chunk of its followers to a new worship place, would it?

      Religion is a Lifestyle:

      Religion is not just a script. It is a lifestyle. All the religions teach us how to lead our lives in the best way that leads to ultimate success. So religions came into being so that people can lead a better life. If the religions start creating divide and hate and hence unrest in the society, they won’t defeat their purpose.

      Homophobia in the world

      This segment is a well-balanced one. RFGN has painted a neutral picture of the world in the light of facts. Seems like there are no suggestions that can be made on this part. All is good.

      LGBT Rights

      This segment of your program is the most extensive one. While it is important to discuss part and deserves the detail that has been provided to it, it seems to be a lot of matter that lacks content or substance.


      1. Empathy:

      This segment discusses and raises awareness about the fundamentals of LGBT and their problems; it also induces empathy towards the community. With little emotions involved, the message can be expected to affect quickly and profoundly.

      2. Diversity:

      The segment is detailed and contains the perfect amount of diversity. It consists of various topics that discuss a vast area of the subject and tends to cover all the segments.


      Call to Action:

      While the segment correctly raises awareness and creates empathy, it lacks a call to action. It sure does suggest the authorities to take concrete measures for the rights of LGBT. It does not address the heterosexual couples as it quotes many examples like discrimination at workplaces and difficulty securing a job or promotion. It does not address the individuals there.

      I would like to draw your attention to the point that authorities do have an integral part, and their involvement can set everything right. But, as the articles describe, homophobia is still there despite the formation of formal laws.

      A significant change cannot be expected if the grass-root level is not targeted.


      Though there seems to be a diversity of the topics, the content elaborating the topics is all monotonous. All the articles discuss the same things repeatedly, which kind of kills the perk of having diversity. Maybe the articles need to be reconsidered for an appropriate tone.

      Drifting Off the Topic:

      Diversity in topics but monotony in content leads the direction of the campaign to drift off the topic. The content does not revolve around the title it was meant to shed light on. It instead seems to use the points that were already available to them. A second glance at the articles may be required.

      Lack of Justification:

      The segment lacks justification. There are lesser facts and stats involved and the arguments built are weak as they seem to be coming out of either emotions or assumptions.

      Advocacy and Representation:

      A little issue of advocacy and representation was also noticed in this segment. The content of the program seemed to represent RFGN more than it advocated LGBT.

      For the program’s success and it coming out as neutral, it is recommended to ensure that RFGN advocates LGBT and this program does not represent RFGN but LGBT.

      Homophobic Countries

      Has been discussed earlier.

      How can we promote LGBT acceptance in the world?


      This segment does justify the point reasonably. It moderately discussed the problems and presents solutions. This method is expected to reap good results.


      The segment focuses on improving the lifestyle of LGBT as much as it discussed eradication of homophobia; which divided the focus.

      It is recommended to divide the section into two parts and separate lifestyle improvement from LGBT acceptance.

      Education Program: Stop homophobia in the world & Normalize homosexuality

      Root Cause Eradication

      Can’t get any better. Perfect Job!

      a. Education of LGBT People

      This segment is genuinely enlightening. It is perfectly capable of smoothly educating people.


      1. Fair Criticism on LGBT Community

      It is excellent that no unfair margin has been given to the LGBT community. They have been fairly and logically criticized their questionable and objectionable actions. It shows the objectivity, sincerity and unbiasedness of the program.


      1. Unnecessary Plugging

      RFGN has been unnecessarily plugged in many places throughout this segment. For example, “RFGN believes that….”. RFGN is no competent authority to believe anything about any scientific facts. It is not a scientific research centre and hence cannot comment on science.
      Plugging RFGN makes the rightly presented scientific look objectionable.

      2. Too Much Science

      At points, so much science has been involved that the LGBT has left behind. The purpose of the program is not just to educate but to educate LGBT in specific too. No spotlight has been given to the LGBT, and their actions and only science has been quoted, which might decrease the chances of getting promising results.

      b. Education of Society & the Public about LGBT acceptance

      This is a fair attempt. Though many suggestions have been made that the world is probably already aware of, no sound roadmap has been given.

      Rest, it is all good to go.

      c. Education of Children about LGBT acceptance

      A good question raised but a proper roadmap is missing again.

      LGBT Support

      Individuals Support

      A good step but you did not mention how you will do it so cannot comment much on it.

      Partnership with other LGBT Support Organizations


      Good idea, more power and best of luck to you.

      Documents & Articles

      Good support material. Maybe it could develop into a proper and formal form, but it is just fine the way it is.


      First of all, it is a bold and much-needed step. The world owes this one to RFGN for their efforts towards peace and LGBT acceptance.

      The step-in itself is so overwhelming that critically evaluating it and coming up with suggestions was a hard thing to do. The only motivation to do this task was to contribute some support for the LGBT community.

      The program, as discussed earlier, is very carefully and well-crafted and promises fulfilling results.

      There were some lacking that is negligible to some extent but was essential to highlight so that the program could be executed to its excellence.

      With a casual second glance, you will inevitably be able to enrich it to the point where the sky will be the limit.

    3. DrKR Dhar DrKR Dhar on January 3, 2021 at 6:51 am

      Normalization of Homosexuality and Eradication of Homophobia in the World is the burning issue being discussed in social, moral and other platforms on planet earth.

      We should neither be afraid of nor be ashamed of the topic.

      If go with spirituality the serenity prayer may not only give us peace but also the guidance what to be done or not :

      God, give me grace to accept with serenity
      the things that cannot be changed,
      Courage to change the things
      which should be changed,
      and the Wisdom to distinguish
      the one from the other.

      Its is always important to keep in mind that like we need food to survive but over-eating leads to discomfort till death, we must struggle for the freedom against any discrepancy but when & where enjoying independency must be within limit till it does not hurt anyone.

      Check and balance is very important for each one of us and for that the group is doing excellent job by informing the reality of two sides of myth & practicality.

      Homosexuality is surely the result of one’s human expression, regulated by inherent instinct. So up to a limit we are fighting to get that freedom for every LGBT people in the world but LGBT should not use this this freedom to pollute the mind of children or make the society indecent, which may result in a complete ban world wide on the issue.

      So we have to become the master of ourselves, try to knit our souls with the Supreme soul and pray to Him to make us strong and follow His way which is always balanced & neutral.

    4. KURTH RUTH KURTH RUTH on January 28, 2021 at 4:43 pm

      We need support in Zambia as well


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