“We are here to make your dreams come true.”


A lot of LGBT have dreams and desires that they are cautious about speaking about in fear of being shunned or ridiculed. They are lost in life because of a somewhat confusing identity in this heteronormative world.


Help Someone Else to Help Yourself

A step in making your dreams come true is helping others find theirs. In community services, we can better find ourselves and figure out what we truly want.

At RFGN, we give you the opportunity of meeting like-minded people who have decided to give love instead of expecting it.

Rainbow Foundation’s goals are to help you discover your purpose in life.


The Dreams of the LGBT Community

The LGBT community has grown up in a society where their sexual orientation has been deemed “unnatural” and “unacceptable.” It makes their relationships strained and challenging. From the dread of criticism to closeted people, the quest to have healthy and loving connections has been filled with discrimination and, eventually, the denial of primary human rights.

The main desire of the LGBT body is to have as many fundamental rights as their peers.

As a community, every person should possess free will and the right to marry according to their preference. Accepting and building an understanding atmosphere can help millions of individuals to have significant and caring relationships with whomever they please.

RFGN recognizes the need for representation of the LGBT body.

Most movies, books, and songs depict a male and female romance. There is a clear insufficient representation of same-sex couples. This lack of representation in media is also apparent in social and legal environments.

At RFGN, we will help you create, view, and promote stories and experiences of the LGBT community to normalize homosexuality and its presence. Representing queer people in media and education is a step toward a more comfortable life for the community.


Dreams of Unabashed Pride

At Rainbow Fellowship, we believe that the pride parade plays a meaningful role in generating awareness among other sections of society about our community’s rights. The pride parade offers a safe haven for all members to be themselves unabashedly and show their sexuality with pride. In the pride parade, our community members call their friends and other members of society to be part of their celebrations. An amazing atmosphere of love is created as a result,

In the pride parades, our LGBT community members give the message of love, mutual-acceptance, and peaceful-co-existence. Therefore, pride parades perform a very quintessential role in fostering acceptance and respect for our community members.


Dreams of a More Inclusive Society

At Rainbow fellowship, we believe that social prejudice and peer pressure are a major hurdle for our community members. Due to the fear of loneliness, rejection, and judgment from friends, relatives, family members, and society at large, our community members are scared to disclose their sexual orientation.


The Strides towards Getting Rights

Many countries still decline to accept same-sex couples’ reality and don’t legally permit gay marriage in their country. It means never being empowered to live an equal and valued life. Which makes them seem lesser in society as their basic rights are stripped away from them. The right to exercise free will and spend your life with whomever you wish is not with them.

Every human deserves the right to love, be treated with respect, and be truly happy. All of this is imperative for a human to thrive, live, and experience the true beauty of life.


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