How could anyone be so perfect? I mean I haven’t seen angels before but I’m sure this person I was staring at was related to one.

    Standing five foot four with a body size of thirty-eight, thirty, forty-two was my Greek goddess. Her walking through the hallway with the air of confidence caused both male and female heads to turn.

     I attended history class not for the lesson but to fawn over her. I wonder what her body would taste like, how it will react to my touch.

 But looking at it, we seemed leagues away.

 I was twenty-one in my second year in college, she was twenty-eight and my history lecturer.

     It looks as if all I could do was feast my eyes on her body every time I had her class. She made matters worse by dressing so decent but she still looked so sexy.

I would be lying if I said I heard anything she ever said in class. Still, I never failed history once. Seems her good luck charm must be working really well for me.

     Let me tell you a little about myself.

I’m your average college girl, Angela by name. Nothing too special about me. I have long brown hair, a nice body shape of thirty-two, twenty-six, thirty-four, which I keep constant through daily morning jogs and some fitness exercise.

   I had a banging body because it got a few guys into my bed back in senior year high school but it was all for the fun. You could say I was testing out my sexuality, see what I like and what I didn’t.

With the guys, it was just pleasure no strings attached. I didn’t get the feeling people talk about on how they magically fall in love with their prince charming and all that. No, that didn’t work for me because my own prince charming was actually a princess. A princess charming.

Funny right!

     Well the first time I came close to discovering the feeling I was looking for was with a girl back then towards the ending of high school. It was also the first time I kissed a girl. It felt different and it made me feel good.

At first I thought I was Bi, but the more we grew close to each other, the more I avoided any form of flings with the guys.

Well that chapter of my relationship was cut short fast because immediately her parents found out, they sent her to a university far away from Beverley hills.

    I started feeling as if this way I felt was wrong.

Was it wrong for someone to love whom he or she wants?

It felt so wrong to me for people to think that way. Everyone has the choice to make and for me that choice was to be with a girl I love and live my life to the fullest not to please anyone.

    I told my parents about how I felt cos we were really close and all. They were a little bit shocked because they knew about some of my boyfriends. They wanted to know when I started getting attracted to girls.

My answer was pretty simple. ‘I just found out’

My mum asked me if I was happy with the choice I made and I nodded in affirmation. My dad gave me his blessings or something close to that. They where really cool with their children finding their own path.

    What can I say? I had a great family. Out of three children, I turned out to be the only lesbian. My elder sister was now guarding against her nakedness ever since my dad told everyone. I guess she felt like I would try something funny with her or any of her weird thoughts she had.

EW!! EW!! EW!!

She was my sister for Christ sake. Why would I have such thoughts? Although its there, just a tiny bit but there was no way I would act on it. We later became cool again after a while.

I would flaunt my body in her face after showers or just stay scantily clad in the room cos we shared the same room. She got comfortable with me as time went on and I was happy for that.

   My younger brother on the other hand thought it was hot that I was a lesbian. I would always swat him in the head and call him a fifteen years old pervert. To me I think that boy is already watching way too many porno.

    My family was cool with it but I had to face the society the moment I went to college.

I was quick to discover to my surprise that in college, anything goes. Parties, sex, drugs, whatever youth thought was fun happened.

I thought I was in heaven. My body counts of girls I hooked up with kept increasing every week but that wasn’t what I wanted.

The fun and sex was great but I wanted something more than that.

     I wanted to feel loved, someone to call my own. I wanted closure for myself, a relationship not based on just fun and sex. I found that person but she was my lecturer whom I had no idea how to approach not to talk of expressing my feelings to her.

    It’s really frustrating to love someone and being Unable to tell the person. You feel like you’re falling in one of life’s most important mission.

      Miss Vanessa was a very beautiful woman. Many male students and lecturers wonder why she hasn’t been taken yet and many of them had approached her but she turned them down.

In my heart I felt she was waiting for me. I even had a dream once, it was a hot one. I walked into her office to submit my assignment and she shut the door telling me she had noticed how I stared at her in class. I had confessed my feelings for her and she asked me what took me so long. What followed was steamy leaving me hot and wet all over when I woke up.

       I knew I had fallen deeply in love with my lecturer but I didn’t have the heart to take the plunge. A rejection from her would shatter my heart into a million pieces.

      As time went by my feelings grew.

I finally broke down, I guess my heart couldn’t find space to contain all the love I felt. I knew I would burst if I didn’t express myself to my Greek goddess.

    That week I got a B on my history test. What happened next made me forever grateful to the letter B.

     I got a call from my goddess to see her in her office. Boy! Was I the most happiest woman alive. I put on some music and danced to the tunes as I prepared to meet the woman of my dreams. To me, it felt like this was our first date even if it was on an unofficial note, it was still something. Half bread is better than nothing.

     I picked out my sexiest outfit that would bring out all my curves. I was on a missing to conquer the heart.

I stared at my reflection in my large standing mirror. Dang! I looked like those seductress from romance movies.

I thought I was bringing my A-game to the table. My! I haven’t been so wrong.

  Miss Vanessa shocked me to orgasm. I couldn’t believe what happened in that office that day but our relationship was born from that day.

I bet you wanna know what happened. Follow closely.

   I nervously knocked on the door to her office. Although I was on a mission, I couldn’t stop my hand from sweating a little.

      “Come in.” I heard her angelic voice say.

I felt myself breeze into her office.

Her reaction to me was somewhat instantaneous. She stared at me for a while without saying a thing.

Our eyes met and it felt like even the very air ceased to move. Only our breathing could be heard.

I fell into a whole new level of love for her again at that moment.

     “Angela, I’m sorry please have your seat.” Miss Vanessa said, finally able to form words.

I moved slowly and shakily towards the available seat in front of her.

     “You are my best student, I’ve noticed you pass very well with A’s but you got a B in my last test. Is there anything the problem?” she asked me.

I gulped before answering. I didn’t I would get this nervous. I’m sire she could see the traces of sweat forming on my face.

     “Um I got a little sick before the test.” I managed to say.

     “Oh sorry love, I hope you are feeling better now. I can let you retake the test.” She offered.

I sank further into the chair.

She just called me love. How is she so calm right now? Or that moment we just had back then was nothing?

     “Angela are you okay? You look flustered.” Miss Vanessa asked.

I could swear I saw her smirk just right then.

     “I’m fine.” I said in a hoarse voice that surprised even myself.

      “Am I making you uncomfortable? You look like you want to become one with that chair.” Miss Vanessa giggled.

     “No Miss Vanessa, you’re not making me uncomfortable. Fact you’re making me feel good right now.” I gushed.

What!!!!! My mind screamed at me. I rephrased what I had just said in my head and I almost burst into tears. How could I mess up everything like this? I asked myself.

I looked up to see Miss Vanessa smiling. That smile that could melt the most stony hearts.

     “Please call me Vanessa, Nessa for short.” She said.

I nodded furiously unable to speak.

She got up and walked over to me.

     “You see Angela, in history classes, do you know what I usually feel?” she asked me.

I shook my head, still unable to form words. She was really close to me right now. I could feel her warm breaths on my ears.

     “I always feel someone is staring at me every single time. I know a lot of boys ogle me, fantasizing about the things they want to do but this gaze is always different from theirs. I caught you several times Angela. Do you have anything you want to say to me?” she finally asked really close to my ears.

I shivered. This was the chance I had been waiting for and the universe gave it to me on a silver platter.

       “Fuck it… you only live once. I’m in love with you Miss Vanessa. I see you even in my dreams, I can’t get you out of my head. I know this sounds weird coming from your student and a female one to be precise but..” before I could continue she interrupted me.

     “It’s not weird at all. Fact is, I’m a lesbian and it’s a wonder how most people haven’t figured it out by now. I mean I’ve turned down dozens of guys and more still come running along.” She sighed.

     “With a body like that, even I wouldn’t stop trying till I see you married.” I commented.

     “Awwn you think so?” she giggle.

It sounded like music to my ears. If I knew Miss Vanessa was this playful I would have confessed my feelings a long time ago.

She grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled something down before handing it over to me. It was her number.

     “Call me later in the evening. We can go out and talk more.” She said.

I got up, my legs felt like noodles. She called me back as I got to the door. I turned around to face her.

     “One more thing.” She said as she walked towards me. Grabbing me by my waist she planted a furious kiss on my lips.

It went on for like forever and I didn’t want it to end but she broke the kiss.

      “Sweet, cherry lip gloss. Sexy.” She commented.

She slapped my ass and winked at me as I opened the door.

        I could finally breath properly as soon as I got out of her office. It took me another ten minutes to process what just went down in there. It was then I realized that I wasn’t in love with a teen or someone with my level of experience. Miss Vanessa was well above me in terms of experience. I knew she would show me more of that experience as we go. I quickly rushed home to help myself release some of the tension she had built up in my body.

    Later in the evening I called Miss Vanessa and she gave me the location to meet her at.

I got dressed in a frenzy. I decided not to overdo things. I wore a dark blue mini dress with matching colored heels.

 I got to the restaurant and saw that she was already seated waiting for me. She looked stunning in the pepper red dress she was wearing. Her lips laced with blazing red lip gloss, so enticing.

    “Hey.” I said as I sat down.

    “You look beautiful Angela.” Miss Vanessa complemented.

     “Thanks Miss Vanessa. You look gorgeous too.” I returned the compliment.

       “Hey just call me Vanessa alright. It’s funny to call your date Miss at a time like this.” She laughed.

       We discussed a lot of things ranging from likes and dislikes to past relationship and how we discovered that we were not following the same sexuality of most females.

It was really lovely to be with someone you truly love. Right now all I could see was her. Her smile was captivating, her voice sonorous. It gave me a feeling of another level of high.

      After the dinner we continued the date with a pleasant romantic walk. Vanessa was a real comedian. She made jokes out of nowhere, I ended up holding my sides from laughing so hard.

The date came to an end at ten-fifteen. She ended it for me in a grand style.

You should let your imaginations do the rest from here cos I’m not gonna tell you in details.

   I had never felt so loved. It was everything I ever wanted, I loved every bit of it.

   Presently I’m done with college, that was about two years ago. I married Vanessa a year after I graduated and we are really happy with each other.

We’ve got two beautiful children, a boy and a girl.

Vanessa is about publishing her book on rights to free will. She wants to tackle the stigma people use to attack people like us. I’m in full support of her because this would help a lot of people discovering themselves.

     I’m running my masters program in law myself. I had always wanted to be a lawyer and getting to know that Vanessa wished to be an activist in the field of homosexuality, I knew it was the right call.

Together we are going to change the way a lot of people think about this topic. It’s an adventure for another time.



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