Arguments in favour of homosexuality

Part 1

  • Simply because a sexual union cannot result in children, it is not right to forbid any action that is a physical expression of genuine love.
  • Homosexuals are simply following their natural instincts. This is how God created them, so they should not be condemned.
  • There is evidence of homosexual activity throughout the animal kingdom.
  • There are many laws in the Bible that would not be accepted now because the nature of society has changed, eg capital punishment and slavery. We should not be restricted by ancient standards.
  • Some people believe that St Paul’s comments were about male prostitutes, not homosexuality in general.


    Classified Equal Rights

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    I am a male, aged 36. I hold A Certificate in Theology and Pastoral studies and Diploma in Theology and Christian Ministry. I am a counselor by training, and was Anglican Youth Comforter for 15 Years in my Local Church. I am the director of Kanungu Orphans New Hope which phased out in 2017. I do voluntary counselling whenever I am called to do so. Have practiced spirituality in the Secondary schools chaplaincy and One of the Anglican Parishes in my Diocese. I believe in the "Living Hope"

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    1. otterIam61 otterIam61 on March 12, 2021 at 10:36 am

      Dear Classified,
      It is fact and is well documented that throughout history Homosexuality and Lesbianism in many societies was common.
      It only became immoral and sinful because “The Church” said it is/was.
      Oh JJ calm yourself don’t get started.


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