Hello. Can y’all please help me escape Tanzania. My name is mxxx1 j222(name hidden). Am 18yrs old and just really tired am despairing. The homophobia is astounding. My teachers are always talking about killing all gay people and all my classmates entertain the thought, my momma always be saying having a gay son she’d rather have a dead one. My elder sister I’ve once seen her all happy and smiles about a gay man who’d been burnt to death on the news. Generally am despairing and I could use a new environment where I could love my family from a distance but coming to terms with my sexuality has been a long battle in itself where my deeply ingrained world view shattered having me thinking of myself as a sin and everything bad and I had to reconstruct everything about me again from point zero leaving me with a lot of trauma, depression, anxiety and all around scared. My family doesn’t know am gay(still in the closet) but they suspect and their suspicions have led to some really painful experiences to me as at one point one of my siblings wished me rape so I’d stop being so girly. My request for help is in any form where I can be assisted to leave Tanzania. Just the mental stress my environment adds on every LGBTQ member is astonishing. I’ve reached a point where I only ever move at night just to have a walk as my already shattered soul can’t take the comments that come off as sarcastic, homophobic and threats of rape to the random old men considering me girly. Please help me I wish to live one more time. I want to be able to move during day without having to experience threats, abuses and the loud whispers. I wish to sit in a class where I don’t have to be very reserved so as not to give anything away that might spell my doom. I can even participate in my class as not to be branded gay for I might become my teacher’s target. I love my family but for to love myself I’ve reached the hardest decision of trying to go away from all their lives because my reality is that am gay and it’s not ever going to change and being with them any further is slowly killing my self. For the help part, I don’t even know the first thing about migration or to where all I know is that someone to migrate they’ll need a passport, visa an expensive ticket, a destination target of which I got almost none but a destination target I already have some considerations where I’d love a country speaking predominantly English language as long as it’s not the USA as it’s chaotic(from the stories I hear and the media) and not UK cause I have some family members there and they’ll look for ways to ruin the “family banes” life since by the time I write this message, if I survive my hate filled country, my sexuality is a secret no more or a reason to be afraid. I just wish to be free. Please help, if considered and really helped, I’d agree to return all help given a day am ever financially able.

Thank you kindly.


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