Dear family, I am begging that you pray and stand with me. I am in a very trying moment . I have a very very sick mother hospitalized and on a death bed. I am the only hope she has though am also vulnerable in terms of maintaining her in the hospital and paying hospital bills.
I do believe that all our infirmities, whatever they are, are just opportunities for God to display his gracious work in us.
I love you all.

Community Services Manager

    Classified Equal Rights

    About Classified Equal Rights

    I am a male, aged 36. I hold A Certificate in Theology and Pastoral studies and Diploma in Theology and Christian Ministry. I am a counselor by training, and was Anglican Youth Comforter for 15 Years in my Local Church. I am the director of Kanungu Orphans New Hope which phased out in 2017. I do voluntary counselling whenever I am called to do so. Have practiced spirituality in the Secondary schools chaplaincy and One of the Anglican Parishes in my Diocese. I believe in the "Living Hope"

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