Dear All,

Greetings on the eve of new year, I pray and wish the Almighty must bless all of us to resolve the problems of orientation of any kind, may  it based on language, region, creed, cast, religion, skin color or sex type.

Like the finger print the character of every person is so customized that even the twin babies are not with 100% same character. Yes some likings, dis-likings are always there but that or those must not be the issue at all.

Even those wo are so called equal by sex character & orientation but minority otherwise can understand how mental pressure they have to go through every moment. But the only difference is there the family or group fight unitedly against the enemy or so called majority, but in case of sexual orientation we have to fight within, with our family and relatives. They , come under influence of social norm and self ego, (when every individuals are the unit of society) and become the enemy of their son or daughter.

And sexual orientation by any means, does not problem of others, this does not create problems for other, where all we say we are independent and we can do anything till it does not harm the other or make the loss of any national interest.

But ashamed of the behave of our own. LGBT persons starts their sufferings from their home only,  by their parents…by their siblings…, by their close relatives…… their neighbors ………. by the so called religions & social groups …….. by the name of  immorality etc, as if its a crime and to continue the so called SOCIAL HONOR they go so far to kill their own blood.

I am telling you all these personalities are mentally sick, immature, backbone less creature.

Rather parents and siblings should make the safety rings for their own blood, and then only so called no external influence will able to come.

I request all of you, if you directly or know anyone through your friends or circle having any such situation or going through any mental confusing state please share your feelings. One and one is not two, one and one will eleven and we all together must come to a mature decision what could be followed and get rid of such situation till you collect the strength of fly from the environment.



Connect your soul with the Supreme soul.

No challenge is impossible to overpower, only the unity-togetherness-open mind sharing we need.

you can contact me through the private or public chatting platform of the group or through massage keeping your own privacy intact.

waiting eagerly to see and meet you.

Even i am ready to discuss with groups through webinar conference, if you find it fit and suits our groups strategy.

with thanks and love


Dr. K. R. DHAR

Physical & Mental Health Advisor


a Community Services Manger 




    1. Eliyev1 Eliyev Eliyev1 Eliyev on January 9, 2021 at 8:47 pm

      Help me please

    2. DrKR Dhar DrKR Dhar on January 10, 2021 at 11:07 am

      See, to become otherwise oriented with sex is not an issue at all, like some one likes a specific vegetable and another one may be allergic with that, like that your orientation may not match with your neighbor, that does not make you unsocial, it is their immaturity which put you in pain, you are not responsible.

      Tell me little more about yourself, so that i can touch your feelings.

      If you accept let me friends.
      See matching with soul is important, body is not, when people in distress they know it well, Not parents, Not siblings, Not relatives, Not neighbors, or Not the Imam or Prist is your own. He who share you, shelter you, give you positivity, he or she is yours. Talk with your creator, that will give you peace, He will send someone, if you feel like that make him friend. Share your feelings, get guidance balancing your status and culture you live.

      Dont worry, Eliyev, i am waiting to hear you.


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