My name is Mohammed. I am from the country of war .. Yemen
My story may be a little terrifying, but this is the truth
I ran away from Yemen to Jordan because my father wanted to marry my cousin’s daughter, and because I refused, my father was from one period to another. He beat me severely until I agree, and because of the severity of the beating, I thought of running away after the beating caused me to the mother and psychological and physical problems, and the last time he took the gun and said if you marry your cousin, he will kill you. And out of fear, I told him I agree, and then I ran away with those who fled the war in Yemen, because at that time I encountered a problem. My father wanted to marry me to my cousin and the war was busy and devastating.

And after my arrival to Jordan, they did not know that I was in Jordan. I sent them a WhatsApp message that I am from the LGBTQ community, I am gay, I do not like girls at all.

Currently, I cannot return Yemen even if the war ends, because I am of the LGBTQ community. Anyone can kill me, even other than my father, according to the customs and traditions of Yemen, the tribe and the region.

I have been living for a long time with a Yemeni student. I really clean the room for him. I live in the kitchen and he helps me financially sometimes in exchange for I serve him. This is my story. Please psychological, health and social support for me. I am going through harsh conditions and thank you for contacting me at


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