In Uganda lack of support from the government and the general public for LGBTT and the sexual orientation therein has a lot of effect on the community at large.

These among others include spread of HIV virus and other STIs, lack of self-worth, school dropout, unwanted pregnancies, exploitation, violation of LGBTT rights, and harassment by law enforcement officers, low levels of literacy among the LGBTT, loss of self-esteem within society as a result of stigmatization and homophobia.

These effects are well documented through- FREDAfrica development practice.

We decided not to sit back and fold our hands, we started a safe-place centre for LGBT. Mainly these are youths who were disowned by their families, some because of stigmas from the community. We currently have 43 within the centre and we trained them with several programs which include: Mentor-ship and entrepreneurship skills, savings and vocational and practical skills. We try to equip them with sustainable skills to be able survive by themselves after the courses they are trained in. We are currently in need of $2,721 to enable us support this centre with food, utilities, bedding, sugar, etc. COVID-19 wave has affected us seriously and it is one of the reasons as to why we decided to run to friends for help. For help please visit our website, Click on GIVE, it will redirect you to our PayPal account. Thank you


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