Hello members my name am iga Ismail am an executive director of happy family youth Uganda it’s an LGBT community organization we do help Young LGBT community members who living with hiv and those who chested away from their families because of their genders  one week back I do help younY boy who fired by he’s father because of he’s a gay he contacted me and I tried to help him but he’s family was following him and tracking every number who was calling him then lest week they get to arrested me and they said I help their boy being gay  I mean including they put me in prison until my lawyers when they come to help me but my dear friends am here to seeking help they took my phone and my laptop coz they still do investigation now I need to relocate our shelter because it’s in not in safe place and even me as personal am not safe  my dear friends I need your help to get another phone and laptop and to relocate for any further supporting please this is my email address and edhappyfamily1994@gmail.com


Thank you kind regards


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